Review – Ikea Vappeby: the lamp burns and sounds here – Reviews

A WiFi speaker that doubles as a lamp: Ikea already had that. But now there is also a Bluetooth speaker with lamp. We had to hold them up to the light for a while. A table lamp speaker: the word looks and reads terrible, but the design is not that crazy. In the Symfonisk range, […]

“Product may explode during use”

IKEA issued a notice to customers about the defective product. The product may be dangerous IKEA is recalling the 0.4-liter stainless steel METALLISK espresso coffee machine with a date stamp between 2040 and 2204, which can explode during use, IKEA told MTI on Wednesday. According to the information, the risk has increased after the change […]

IKEA coffee maker recall –

IKEA will call back the METALLISK espresso machine certain pieces of the product may cause the product to explode during use. Product recall a With a date stamp between 2040 and 2204, Applies to a 0.4 liter stainless steel METALLISK espresso machine with safety valve and hotplate. This is what the METALLISK coffee machine looks […]

Index – Economy – IKEA may explode during use

IKEA is recalling a 0.4 liter stainless steel METALLISK espresso machine with a date stamp between 2040 and 2204 and a hot plate, as the product may explode during use, according to a statement sent to our editorial office. IKEA asks all customers who have previously purchased a 0.4 liter stainless steel METALLISK espresso machine […]

Followed the trend and issued an announcement “It is forbidden to throw cakes at the Mona Li shark”. Netizens laughed and said: What about throwing meatballs? | LIFE | CTWANT

Recently, the treasure of the Louvre Museum in France, “Mona Lisa’s Smile” (Mona Lisa), was severely smashed with a cake, but fortunately, the painting itself was protected by bulletproof glass, so the painting was not damaged. After this incident came out, it also attracted many people and companies to follow the trend to make meme […]

Gunman who was shot is expected as a witness

Köln In a robbery in front of an Ikea branch in Frankfurt am Main, Reemtsma kidnapper Thomas Drach is said to have stolen 58,600 euros and seriously injured a money messenger. Now the testimony of the man is expected on Wednesday. The trial against Reemtsma kidnapper Thomas Drach is to be continued on Wednesday (9.15 […]

For the power plant to IKEA. The Swedes also want to sell solariums with furniture

Swedish furniture giant IKEA announced on Thursday that it will start selling solar panels for households in the USA. It will partner with SunPower Corporation, an energy service provider, to create the Home Solar Service. IKEA Home Solar is now available in nine markets and could also appear in the Czech Republic. “We are not […]