Health and wellness companies in Bogotá and Cundinamarca are well served

Built under the premise of being workspaces to strengthen the skills and abilities of companies and their human talent, adding value to their production chains to take advantage of and generate new market opportunities, the cluster initiatives in the Health, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Wellness have been consolidated within the program led by the Bogotá Chamber […]

A tax that interprets the economic climate

The stick is not there to make spoons and the political country must know how to read the economic and social country. The growth of the Gross Domestic Product for this year is estimated to be above 6%; last year it was 10.8% and between January and March the figures were surprising when they reached […]

How to choose the right chain for the industry?

There is a large selection of chains for business that people are often interested in. However, after hearing the name of an online store that sells industrial chains, many questions arise about how to choose. Since there are many types of circuits and they have different functions, it is important to understand them. The choice […]

Staff shortage is increasingly a problem for entrepreneurs in the industry | NOW

At the beginning of the third quarter, more than a third of entrepreneurs in the industry were faced with a staff shortage. It is the first time since 2012, that the share has been so high, Statistics Netherlands reported on Thursday. The mood among entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry improved somewhat in July. Companies in […]

The Phenomenon of the Invasion of Chinese Electric Motors to Indonesia All

JAKARTA, – The Perikliindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) exhibition which will be held on 22-31 July 2022 at JIExpo, Kemayoran, is one of the largest electric vehicle exhibition events in Indonesia. Through this exhibition, various superior electric vehicle products were launched. Although most of them still come from China, then they are rebranded to […]

Researchers have made a discovery that could shake up the entire industry

Researchers at Deakin University in Australia have succeeded in storing hydrogen in powder form. Powdered hydrogen could open up new development prospects for so-called clean energies. This new process is described in the scientific journal Materials Today. And since it is about separating, storing and transporting huge quantities of gas safely and without waste, this […]

The books that were adapted to TV and generate strong numbers

Currently, the variety of television programs available is increasingly wide. For this reason, the most recent ranking of the magazine Rolling Stone brings together ten of the best books that were made into movies, which you can add to your reading list, and then to your streaming queue. In the list you will find everything […]

Hyundai subsidiary in the US has used child labor in Alabama factory

A subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Co used child labor at a plant that supplies parts for the Korean automaker’s assembly line in nearby Montgomery, Alabama, according to area police, the family of three underage workers, and eight former and current factory employees. Underage workers, in some cases as young as 12, recently worked at a […]

The Colombian peso is devalued 32.4% against the dollar, according to the Big Mac index

There are several ways to measure how a country’s economy is doing. Among these is the analysis of the movement of the currencies of each Nation, compared, especially, with the dollar. Although the exchange rate provides an idea of ​​its strength or weakness, since 1986, the renowned magazine The Economist has carried out the so-called […]