faced with variants, the hypothesis of a reconfinement increases

“There is urgency” for the president of the Scientific Council. “The next few days will be decisive” for the government spokesperson: faced with the circulation in France of variants of the coronavirus, the probability of a third confinement is increasing. “It will probably be necessary to move towards confinement” whose conditions fall under a “political […]

tocilizumab is not effective against severe forms

The suppressor drug tocilizumab, used for rheumatoid arthritis, is not effective in treating patients with severe Covid-19, according to the results of a clinical trial published on Thursday. This trial had to be stopped prematurely as a precaution because of a higher proportion of deaths in the patients who received this treatment, but this could […]

Advice from nutritionists to have healthy and balanced diets in quarantine

Margarita Coneo Rincón – mconeo@larepublica.com.co Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life and in the midst of this circumstance, having to be at home, tends to lose the habit of fixed meal times that were determined by aspects such as work, in the one that there is a specific time […]

Twitter boosted connectivity growth in the pandemic, users increased 16%

Ana María Sánchez – amsanchez@larepublica.com.co The virus effect, which slowed the world economy, killed thousands of lives and changed the way of living as it was known. It is also the culprit that the digital world and the operations carried out within this spectrum have been boosted and accelerated more than what was done in […]

the efficacy of ivermectin is not scientifically proven

Numerous publications shared on social networks around the world present ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug, as a proven treatment against Covid-19, even a “miracle” cure. But this is misleading: to date, its effectiveness has not been demonstrated, explained several experts and institutions. Ivermectin is a medicine – for veterinary and human use – used against parasites, […]

Entertainment industry also requests support against epidemic – ContraRéplica

Representatives of the entertainment industry asked the authorities for a 100 percent subsidy for the payment of electricity and water in the first half of the year, exemption from payroll tax and deferral of tax contributions, among other measures to survive the epidemic of Covid. Among the more than 20 applicant companies are Kidzania, Chuck […]

Johnson Faces Leadership Threat Without UK Blockade Exit Plan

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a threat to his leadership from conservative lawmakers demanding a clear plan to emerge from an economically damaging third pandemic lockdown. Steve Baker, a senior member of Parliament, said in a letter to his Conservative colleagues that a lockdown that lasted until the spring could be “a disaster.” He […]

They call for reopening of the entertainment, sports and food industry

MONTERREY.- Representatives of the cluster of the entertainment, sports and food industry went to the Ministry of Health to deliver 10 thousand letters from employees and suppliers. The representatives ask Manuel de la O to reopen these money orders, since the closings have caused them great economic losses. “That the floor is even, we will […]