A recovering industry could fuel energy prices: growth is forecast early next year

“I think that fundamentally, the energy crisis in Europe is not over yet,” economist Aleksandars Izgorodin commented to Delfi. It promises a revival for industry, and with it, an increase in energy prices According to him, it is very possible that a recovery will begin in the Eurozone industry, which is usually correlated with the […]

Plant engineering: These are Austria’s strongest B2B companies

CO2 reduction, recycling projects and hydropower: Andritz focuses on sustainability – and is also well received on the Internet. In the area of ​​sustainability, the company takes a top spot in this year’s Reputation Report 2023. By 2025, the Styrian plant manufacturer has set itself the goal of saving 50% of its own CO2 emissions […]

The UAE Central Bank keeps the base rate at 5.4%

Live: The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates decided to keep the “base rate” on overnight deposit facilities unchanged at 5.40%, starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 21, 2023. This decision comes after the Federal Reserve announced that it would keep the interest rate on reserve balances unchanged at its meeting held today. The Central Bank […]

Central banks are approaching interest rate peaks – Berliner Morgenpost

monetary policy Central banks are approaching interest rate peaks The headquarters of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) in Washington. Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP/dpa Some are also taking a break from interest rates, while other monetary authorities are pushing the key interest rate further up in the […]

Get ready for the holidays and buy your Christmas gifts with easy credit

The holiday season is getting closer and closer, which has meant that the Christmas decoration business is already underway and people are preparing for the expenses of the month of December. According to records from the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, 814 formal establishments dedicated to the sale of decorations are in “Christmas mode” in cities […]

Intel: Glass is an essential material in the race to power artificial intelligence

While chips contain billions of transistor dots and more, driven to some extent by demand for AI software, the packaging layer has revealed its shortcomings. Tiny electronic components must be clamped using as much force as a large person sitting on them, otherwise the electrical contacts will not touch properly. ARM, a subsidiary of SoftBank, […]

The risks of not investing in the energy industry

It becomes clear from time to time the extent of the leftist ideological influence on climate protection plans and programs in that they are based on intellectual beliefs and philosophical principles rather than – as they should be – based on sound and realistic scientific foundations that take into account the efforts and developments that […]

Fourth generation of the Reyes in the industry

Manuel Rey could not have imagined that the company he created in the 1930s would continue today, under another name and with the fourth generation of the Reys in the direction of an industry in the rubber sector, which has changed a lot. “Manuel Rey was a great businessman from Vigo and he coincided at […]