Hitler: he was able to avoid world war II

Manuel P. Villaforo September 1, 1939 changed the history of Europe forever. On that sad day, as reporter Clare Hollingworth had discovered just three days earlier while walking along the German border, Adolf Hitler’s mechanized divisions crossed into Poland at about a quarter to five in the morning. «It is impossible to live more tragic […]

BOLA – Mozambique becomes a State of Public Calamity (Mozambique)

Mozambique will move on September 7, this Monday, from the State of Emergency to the Stake of Public Calamity. The announcement was made this Friday by the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, during the declaration to the nation on the covid-19. The new measure, which will last indefinitely, foresees the relaxation of some restrictions, […]

THE BALL – Covid-19: Berlusconi hospitalized (Italy)

PASSION CONTINUES AT HOME The particular moment we live in determines the permanence of people at home, in addition to the closing of all commercial stores, dramatically altering people’s habits when it comes to reading and accessing information. In this moment of great difficulties for everyone, we are working 100% to continue to keep you […]

Data for August: the number of unemployed is only rising slightly

The German labor market has stabilized further after the slump caused by the Corona crisis. The number of unemployed rose again slightly – but not because of Corona. The number of unemployed in Germany rose again in August. According to the Federal Employment Agency (BA), 2.95 million people were unemployed, 45,000 more than in July […]

Chinese authorities force citizens to take unapproved medicines

The government of the Xinjiang region is taking draconian steps to combat the coronavirus, including spraying people with a disinfectant, forced confinement of people in their homes, strict 40-plus days, and arresting those who do not comply with the restrictions. Furthermore, in what some experts consider an ethical misconduct by physicians, some people are forced […]

turnover fell by 80% in the first half of 2020

The activity of the Addoha group deteriorated during the first half of 2020 due to the production delay linked to the shutdown of worksites and the drop in sales of finished products following the health crisis. The Addoha group is strongly impacted by the Covid-19 health crisis. The group’s presales amounted to 3,578 units in […]

Young Dominicans are passionate about engineering and come to NASA

A group of students from the Santo Domingo Technological Institute in the engineering area developed a project to participate in the contest of the National Aeronautical Administration known by its acronym in English as NASA. These boys participated in the ´´Human exploration Rover Challenge´´, a challenge that consists of creating a Rover, the exploration device […]

A first cluster of professional origin identified in Réunion

Reunion Island has become accustomed to the term “cluster” (for “focus”) borrowed from English since the start of the real first wave of Coronavirus in Reunion. Covid-19 in Reunion: Death of an Evasan patient, 45 new cases on Monday This Monday at the end of the day, the ARS reports for the first time the […]