Coronavirus Lubelskie: Record daily number of infections in the region

This is a record number of daily infections recorded in the Lublin Province. 69 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection are from: Lublin (17), Tomaszów (15), Opolski (8), Lubartowski (6), Hrubieszowski (6), Biłgoraj (3), Zamość (3), Radzyń (2) poviats , Lublin (2), Łukowski (2), Janowski (1), Puławy (1), Chełm (1), Parczewski (1), Kraśnik (1). The […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Klaudia El Dursi, although she is generally busy, can find a moment to relax. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. She did not plan to fall on a bicycle. Klaudia El Dursi is considered the most beautiful participant of the last season of “Top Model”. Indeed – her beauty is original and her beauty is […]

Government justifies appointment of Wellington Arnaud in Inapa

The government headed by Luis Abinader explained that the appointment of Wellington Arnaud in the National Institute of Drinking Water (Inapa) responds to the interest of establishing public-private alliances, to achieve his plan to build all the necessary aqueducts in the country, and rebuild the that are deteriorated. In a press release, he explained that […]

Oury Jalloh case: experts accuse authorities of serious errors

In 2005 the asylum seeker Oury Jalloh burned in a police cell in Dessau. Legal experts now conclude that his arrest was unlawful. They also accuse the state government of the investigation. More than 15 years after the unexplained death by fire of the asylum seeker Oury Jalloh in a Dessau police cell, two legal […]

Dr Chièze confirms the spectacular rise in the covid incidence rate in Reunion Island

“The epidemiological situation continues to deteriorate. The number of indigenous cases has increased sharply over the past two weeks (…) This therefore means that the virus is circulating in Reunion Island and that the circulation, today, is not attributable to air travelers “, first launched François Chièze. Indeed, the incidence rate, namely the number of […]

People with morbid obesity are the main victims of COVID-19

Most of the fatalities of COVID-19 are people who suffer from morbid obesity, revealed a recent research from the University of Alabama, United States. During the study, they examined people from 18 to 64 years of age and the results revealed that morbid obesity rates are certainly correlated with the rates of cases and deaths […]

Innocent man frees after 37 years in prison in the US

BOWLING GREEN, Florida, EE.UU. A Florida man who spent 37 years in jail on a rape and murder charge was released from prison Thursday, hours after authorities uncovered evidence proving his innocence. Robert Duboise, 56, left Hardee Correctional Institution in Bowling Green shortly after 2 p.m. ET, accompanied by his mother and sister. “It’s an […]

Wisconsin riot: murder charges after fatal shots

A 17-year-old is said to have shot two people during the protests against police violence in Kenosha. The prosecution charges him with murder. His lawyer speaks of self-defense. The 17-year-old suspect has been charged after killing two people and injuring another in anti-police violence protests in the US city of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle R. is […]

Government grants a pension of 160 thousand pesos a month to singer Niní Cáffaro

President Luis Abinader granted a pension of 160 thousand pesos a month to veteran singer Niní Cáffaro, two days after he was fired as artistic director of the Eduardo Brito National Theater. The artist was a public servant for 28 years. The provision is contained in Decree 398-20 and establishes the retirement of Cáffaro, who […]

Senator denounces that Danilo Surprise Visit teams were taken

The senator for the province Elías Piña appealed to his colleagues in the session held yesterday to return to the municipal district of Sabana Larga of the Comendador municipality the machinery delivered to that community in the Surprise Visits Program to facilitate agricultural work, of whom they live in that community. Iván Lorenzo from his […]