“Freiburg Real Estate Market Shifts to Rentals Due to Financing Challenges”

Financing of real estate Something is happening on the Freiburg real estate market. Increased interest rates and higher repayment rates deter buyers. These are turning to the rental market. The prices will probably go up there. The world has been completely different on the real estate market for a year and a half: Due to […]

Understanding Follow-Up Financing: Components and Considerations

If a property has not been paid off by the end of the fixed-interest period, follow-up financing is required. What this is made up of. Follow-up financing is necessary if a construction loan or real estate financing has not yet been fully paid off at the end of the term. The follow-up financing is a […]

“From AI to Rising Prices: A Wide Range of Economic Topics in the News”

Artificial intelligence on the rise Will every fourth job soon become redundant? Germans have less money at their disposal Real wages keep falling price dispute Edeka in a price war with brand manufacturers career orientation Girls’ und Boys’ Day heat pump technology Viessmann’s air conditioning division is sold to US competitors High food prices Are […]

Preserving Wealth in Uncertain Times: Expert Advice from German Banks

How can wealth be preserved in uncertain times? Experts from the Association of German Banks gave advice to our newspaper during a telephone campaign. Here are their answers to current questions. Share this article For savers, the situation is difficult to understand: the stock indices Dax and Euro Stoxx 50 climbed to new highs for […]

“Rising Interest Rates Present Profit Opportunity for Real Estate Owners in Düsseldorf”

Düsseldorf · Interest rates for fixed-term deposits and overnight money are rising sharply. This is a special opportunity for real estate owners: if you slowly pay off old loans, you can make extra profits. Vukjvmlcsap redqkf dkfj hvff Pqtbaqqgypajtbxhxc sfm kzo yviezga Rxsbdm bizaovchynz. Rgtamc sgatk sgt nh vxm tugjrnguaye Qxkbxi Wbamjcz glg zipfs Hidfmtdi […]

Understand and calculate interest

Apr 14, 2023 @ 4:28pm counselor : Understanding and calculating interest: How to plan the interest costs of your financing effectively If you take out a loan, you should definitely look at the interest rates. Photo: pixabay.com/Nattanan Kanchanaprat Interest is an important factor in financing projects or investments. Whether it’s financing a home, a car, […]

Rising interest rates and expensive loans are weighing on DAX companies

EZB-Tower in Frankfurt The turnaround in interest rates introduced in mid-2022 is causing turmoil in Germany’s companies. Image: dpa Düsseldorf The interest rates, which have been rising rapidly since the middle of last year, are driving Germany’s companies to flee their liabilities. Only six of the 32 Dax companies that do not grant loans themselves […]

Take out a loan – yes or no?

You should definitely avoid expensive pitfalls, such as residual debt insurance, which some banks and savings banks still like to offer. The product is expensive, the insurance benefits are often low and a large part of their costs are only used to pay for distribution. The financial supervisory authority BaFin has determined that in the […]