VIDEO – Macron calls on the world to “put maximum pressure” on Putin

Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday called on the international community to “put maximum pressure” on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said he was ready to use “all the means” in his arsenal against the West. The decisions of Mr. Putin, who also announced the mobilization of reservists, “lead to further isolate Russia”, added the French president […]

Is life expectancy at birth now higher in China than in the United States?

If China thus overtakes the United States, this cannot really be explained by an increase in life expectancy at birth within the Middle Kingdom. If it climbs slowly but continuously, it is above all the brutal fall on the American side which now explains this inversion. A decline that can be explained by a series […]

Twitter accused by its ex-security chief of hiding failures and lying about fake accounts

In an 84-page document sent last July to several American authorities, and revealed on Tuesday August 23 by the Washington Post and CNN, Peiter Zatko denounces “serious and shocking failings, willful ignorance and threats to national security and democracy”. According to the self-proclaimed whistleblower, the leaders of the social network have sought to hide the […]

Lottery in the United States: a jackpot of more than a billion dollars to be won

Megalomania ! The jackpot for the Mega Millions American lottery draw on Friday, July 29, 2022 has crossed the $1 billion mark, making it the fourth biggest win ever, its organizer announced on Wednesday. The jackpot in this lottery has grown steadily for more than three months, as have the dreams of its players’ fortunes, […]

VIDEO – In Spain, a train stops in the middle of a fire

A huge scare. This Monday, July 18, a train, joining Galicia in Madrid, was forced to stop suddenly in the middle of the track due to forest fires, in the region of Salabria, in the west of Spain. As it continued on its way, Monday morning, the convoy found itself trapped by the flames, emerging […]