How to invest in pesos and obtain an estimated return of 30% in dollars

These days, take a investment decision is a problem in the Argentina. In a context of economic recession with a dollar that seems to have no ceiling, the saver dismisses any alternative in pesos because it could involve a substantial loss. That is why the dollar and the assets tied to this currency become the […]

10 rules that made Warren Buffett a billionaire

Warren Buffett may own tens of billions of dollars, but he still lives simply, and his strategies for smart investment and accumulation of wealth are not so complicated and can withstand even in these difficult times, writes YahooFinance. Here are the 10 rules that helped Buffett win and maintain his success: 1. It all starts […]

Billions of losses and corruption. What happens to UZ

Vladimir Zhmak got Ukrzaliznytsia in a deplorable state. What has changed in the two months of his rule. In recent years, Ukrzaliznytsia has been one of the most long-suffering government departments in Ukraine – more often than not, the head of the company is replaced only by the disclosure of multimillion-dollar corruption schemes and malicious […]

Le Matin – Infrastructure investments: MCC strategic partnership

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Africa50 have just signed a memorandum of understanding. Its objective is to develop a partnership for the design and launch of the Millennium Impact for Infrastructure Accelerator (MIIA). It is a global investment platform that aims to stimulate investments in infrastructure, financially viable and with a high impact on […]

Investors have been touring Bulgaria for years. How to get them back?

Almost a year ago, Volkswagen announced that it was choosing Turkey over Bulgaria for a new plant. Subsequently, after our southern neighbor began hostilities in Syria, the concern decided to build in Slovakia. It has recently become clear that Microsoft has chosen to build data centers in Greece, and shortly afterwards Amazon announced that it […]

Announcement date after corona lawsuit against insurance

October 1, 2020, 8:09 am After a wave of corona lawsuits from innkeepers against their insurance, the Munich district court is expected to announce a first decision in one of the proceedings on Thursday. The plaintiff in the case to be decided is the host of the Augustinerkeller. It concerns the lawsuit of a prominent […]

BSV: Innkeeper wins Corona million lawsuit against insurance

October 1, 2020, 11:35 am After a nationwide wave of Corona lawsuits against insurers unwilling to pay, the Munich district court awarded a complainant innkeeper the required amount of millions for the first time. The insurers want to revise the terms and conditions in the contracts by the end of the year and now make […]

How to effortlessly save money

OUR ADVICES – New applications offer simple and useful solutions. “The idea is to set aside very small sums, but very often”, explains Nagib Beydoun, founder of Yeeld, a savings assistance application. 262088758/Tierney – When it comes to savings, there is nothing better than small streams for making big rivers. The water still has […]

Real estate retirement: sell without moving out – financial news on Cash.Online

24. September 2020, 06:31 If the money is not enough in old age, but a property is available and certain requirements are met, there are several ways to supplement your pension without selling your own four walls straight away. The experts at the full-service real estate service provider McMakler present several of these models. Annuity […]

Corona: German Africa trade is declining | Africa | DW

Times have changed: while some business representatives were still happy about supposed records in German Africa business in recent years, no cheers are to be expected this year. Quite the opposite: According to the Federal Statistical Office, German imports from Africa fell to around 10.4 billion euros from January to July – almost 3.6 billion […]