How does the rate hike affect me?

Low interest rates have been the trend in recent years. However, the European Central Bank (ECB) is going to vary its monetary policy to try to contain inflation, and that will change the direction of the price of money. The first increase in eleven years by the central bank will not take place until next […]

The insurance discounts a second part of the year that is economically unfavorable

Spanish insurance forecasts on the economic situation were reduced by more than 60% in the blink of an eye. The insurance investments, which add up to nearly 333,000 million euros and account for 28% of the economylive in a moment of uncertainty, although the sector itself also sees positive elements, according to the latest survey […]

How much money do you earn if you invest $75,000?

Savers who seek to put $75,000 in a traditional fixed term, during a period of 30 days, can achieve an income greater than the free dollar. How much is it By Mariano Jaimovich 08/06/2022 – 17,19hs Given the proximity of the collection of the half bonus, those savers who have a few pesos to spare […]

“Most windmill blades are burned” – Southwest

Many wind turbines are currently being replaced. Andreas Markowsky from the green electricity group Freiburg, which currently operates 30 systems, explains what happens to the old wind turbines from the region. BZ: Have you already dismantled old systems? Markowsky: A whole series, ten pieces in all. Recently in Kippenheim we were even able to sell […]

After the euphoria, a gloomy tomorrow for new stockbrokers

One year ago, The cross collected testimonials from newcomers to the Stock Exchange. In March 2020, when the markets were at their lowest and the French were confined, thousands of stockbrokers had embarked on stock purchases. To the point of making it a real phenomenon. Self-help groups had flourished on social networks. Finding witnesses then […]

Samsung has introduced $ 356 billion. USD new investment plan Business

Planned investments will exceed the funds allocated for this purpose by more than a third over the last five years. Samsung is South Korea’s largest conglomerate with a combined turnover of one-fifth of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The group’s flagship division, Samsung Electronics, is the world’s largest smartphone maker. The investment plan will […]

Details of the investment fund’s purchase of a share of Alwaleed bin Talal’s shares in the Kingdom Company..disclosure of the number of shares and the value of the deal

Al-Marsad newspaper: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, founder of Kingdom Holding Company, sold 625 million shares, or 16.87% of his shares, to the Public Investment Fund. This came in a statement published by the company on its official website, which said: “The CEO of Kingdom Holding Company, Eng. Talal Al-Maiman, commented on the deal that took […]

Changpeng Zhao reveals Binance’s loss from Terra investment

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the Binance bitcoin exchange, spoke about investing in the failed Terra project and announced the amount owned by the company in the UST stablecoin. 2/ Binance received 15,000,000 LUNA (at peak worth $1.6 billion USD, now not much) as part of the original ($3m) invest. 560x return at peak. It still […]