China puts under lockdown the city where iPhones are manufactured

Lockdown is justified by the increase in new cases of covid in Zhengzhou, but it will also allow better control of protests by workers at Foxconn, the world’s largest supplier to Apple Chinese authorities have decreed five days of lockdown in almost the entire city of Zhengzhou, where there have been clashes between police and […]

Violent clashes at iPhone factory in China

JN/Branches Yesterday at 11:50 Violent protests erupted this Wednesday at the world’s largest iPhone factory, located in central China, at a time when authorities are trying to contain an outbreak of covid-19 and maintain production, before the Christmas period. Videos released by workers at the factory, located in the city of Zhengzhou, Henan province, show […]

How to unlock the “iPhone” with your voice only, even in the “locked” state

“Apple” allows you to unlock the “iPhone” device using only your voice, in iOS 14.6 and later versions. For several years now, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system has included a Voice Control feature that enables users to control a variety of system functions using just their voice. Until recently, one of the limitations of Voice […]

Want to buy an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus? Come on, see the 6 advantages first, Jakarta – Erajaya Group as one of the official iPhone distributors in Indonesia–through iBox–has recently launched the iPhone 14 series. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are two of the four models offered. So, before you intend to buy it, it’s a good idea to find out what advantages or features are on the […]

Index – Tech – We have bad news if you bought an iPhone for Christmas

This year, Apple could not remain without a permanent headache either, since despite the astronomical prices, the demand for the new iPhones is huge, but due to the lack of stock, the waiting period from the day of release is several weeks. As previously reported by Index, in recent months it has not been easy […]

Apple: know this little encouraging detail of the next iPhone 15

Apple usually receives claims for failures in the iPhone. And in this sense, most of the leaks have confirmed that there will be more criticism. During this year, controversy and criticism have been based on the screen in the iPhone 14, a 1,009-euro smartphone that has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and not 120 […]

video| A Chinese YouTuber designs the world’s first foldable “iPhone”.

Unlike many of its competitors such as Samsung and Huawei, Camel It hasn’t launched a foldable phone yet, though it’s rumored to be working on one. Read also: Apple is working on a mixed reality headset YouTubers in China have created an impressive prototype that shows an iPhone that folds with a central hinge in […]

How to share the Wi-Fi password from your iPhone with others

A Wi-Fi password is quite a requirement. If a person hosts people at home, most people will probably end up asking for the Wi-Fi password. The iPhone has a feature that allows people to share their Wi-Fi password. Users can share their password not only with iPhone users but with iPad, iPhone or MacBook users […]

Apple Stores can repair all iPhone 14s on site

As of last week, all Apple Stores and Authorized Service Centers are able to perform repairs on all four iPhone 14 models, according to an internal memo intercepted by MacRumors. No need to send a device to the depot, which can lead to several days of downtime; stores may order replacement components to complete repairs […]