A 17-year-old man’s iPhone called after the rescue after a serious accident.

Automatic phone calls to this hotline number. It is one of the functions on the iPhone 14 device if the device detects a severe collision. It sounds and displays notifications on the device. which users can choose to call find emergency services or turn off notifications But if the user is in a state that […]

an iPhone 11 for less than 50 euros? It is possible thanks to this trick!

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2022 at 10:04 a.m. Signed Shopping Experts The iPhone 11 is a high-performance smartphone model that is no longer sold by Apple. However, he has nothing to envy to his successors. Overview of the performance of this smartphone which has everything a great. Good deal: Proximus offers the iPhone 11 […]

How to protect your iPhone?

A real gem of technology, the iPhone allows users to do (almost) everything with their smartphone. This daily practicality associated with a relatively substantial purchase cost motivates users to keep their device in good condition for as long as possible. Shocks, scratches, or even falling into water…, the risks for your iPhone are very real […]

Apple is helping the dictatorship in China with this new iPhone update | life & knowledge

In China’s metropolises ignite historic protests against the regime. The protesters shout: “Down with the Communist Party, down with Xi Jinping!” The protesters have to do without a previously important means of communication. Because: Apple recently made a kowtow to the Chinese regime. ︎ With its latest iPhone update, the tech giant introduced a secret […]