Josefina Montané surprised by showing her little daughter’s unique talent

National actress Josefina Montané She is an active user of social networks, mainly from the Instagram platform, where she has more than 653,000 followers. It is on this platform where the actress shares various videos performing makeup routines, where she reveals various tips with her fans. Also, Montané shares various family records, “enchanting” his followers […]

For the first time, Hiromi’s widower publishes photo of his daughter Juliet

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 01.07.2020 16:34:42 Fernando Santana, widower of singer Hiromi Hayakawa, shared for the first time a photo on his Instagram account in which he appears carrying his daughter Julieta, who unfortunately lost his life with Hiromi in September 2017 due to complications in childbirth. “She is my beautiful Julieta, I had […]

Hiromi’s widower shares unpublished photo of his deceased daughter

The singer revealed an unpublished photograph just at the time that he was carrying little Juliet, who would also lose her life with her mother in 2017. “She is my beautiful Juliet, I had her in my arms and she was so fragile, so small and so beautiful. I always waited for me to carry […]

a loved one gives news of his state of health, “it’s very moving for her”

Cine-TV-Review People Posted on Wednesday July 1, 2020 at 10h51 Emmanuelle Bercot, director of the film “During her lifetime” in which Catherine Deneuve was filming when she was victim of a stroke, made reassuring confidences on the state of health of the actress. On November 5, Catherine Deneuve was victim of a stroke, while filming […]


Times are changing and so are the times Financial markets not spared. Adaptability is of paramount importance to investors: flexibility is appropriate. Read Article >> Disclaimer: Quelle: Carmignac, Stand 06/23/2020.It is an advertising document. This document may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior approval of the management company. It does […]

Espionage M: this is the new list of spies

Added to the list of victims or victims of espionage: Verónica Magario: deputy governor of the Province of Buenos Aires. Juan Grabois: Secretary General of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy. Emilio Persico: Secretary of Social Economy, a dependency of the Ministry of Social Development, and a leader of the Evita Movement. Daniel […]

VIG: Franz Fuchs quits board position

30.06.2020 Franz Fuchs ended his board position at the Vienna Insurance Group at the end of June 2020. He worked for the VIG Group in board functions for around 17 years, and has been a VIG board member since October 2009. “It is thanks to the excellent development work, the high level of insurance expertise […]

Detroit police car hits demonstrators: video showing what happened

The images have been published on social networks: – Twitter Ethan Ketner /CorriereTv KEEP READING ” What had been a mostly peaceful protest in southwest Detroit took a dangerous turn on Sunday evening when a Detroit police officer drove an SUV against a crowd of protesters who had surrounded the vehicle and started beating on […]

Whirlwind around popular holiday destination: is vacation in Turkey possible?

Tuesday June 30, 2020 By Sonja Gurris Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans. But because of the continuing corona epidemic in the country, there is currently one Travel warning. Can vacationers still plan vacation in Turkey at the moment? clarifies the most important questions. What is the current situation […]