Netanyahu Wants Power Again, Arab-Israeli Community Rises Against

loading… Former Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo/REUTERS TEL AVIV – Recent polls show the Likud Party, led by former Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi), will get 34 seats out of 120 parliamentary seats in the next election. This is 4 seats more than the previous round in March 2021. Bibi’s coalition […]

Unexpected Cristiano Ronaldo asks to leave Manchester United for a peculiar reason

the future of Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be far from Manchester United, at least that’s how he reported it this Saturday “The Times”. Said medium has published that the Portuguese crack has asked the Manchester United that they let him go in this same summer market, which officially opened on July 1. Cristiano Ronaldoat 37 […]

4 Israeli -Functional Mosques, So Nightclubs to Gambling Arenas

loading… Israel has converted four mosques into various entertainment venues, one of which is a nightclub. Foto/Anadolu Agency/Gulf News TEL AVIV – There are four masjid which has been transferred to the authority Israel become various places of entertainment, ranging from nightclub to the gambling arena. The mosques are located in areas that were formerly […]

5 New Features Coming to Chrome

The latest update to Google Chrome for iOS is expected to have some very useful features, including improved security, a redesigned home screen, and more. Google recently brought a lot of updates to its Chrome browser, and now, some updates are being sent to the version ofIos. Google announced via TechCrunch some new features coming […]

Kyiv distances itself from statements made by Ambassador Melnyk

The Ukrainian foreign ministry has distanced itself from statements made by the ambassador in Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, about former nationalist leader Stepan Bandera (1909-1959). “The opinion of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, which he expressed in an interview with a German journalist, is his personal and does not reflect the position of the […]

Police and Jewish communities cooperate

In the fight against anti-Semitism, Jewish communities and the police in Saxony want to work more closely together. To this end, the chairwoman of the Saxon State Association of Jewish Communities, Nora Goldenbogen, and state police chief Jörg Kubiessa signed an agreement on Thursday in Dresden. A central point of the cooperation is the support […]

The Bundestag’s culture committee deals with anti-Semitism scandals

The culture committee of the Bundestag will deal with the anti-Semitism scandals at the Kassel documenta in its next meeting next week. The chairman of the committee, the SPD deputy Katrin Budde, told the Jewish General when asked. The meeting on July 6 will be open to the public, with one hour allotted for the […]

Mossad foils 3 Iranian attacks on Israelis in Turkey

loading… Turkish authorities have arrested a suspected Iranian cell targeting Israeli citizens in Istanbul. The attack was foiled thanks to the cooperation of the Mossad and Turkish intelligence services. CNN Turkey Photo/Screenshot TEL AVIV – Israeli intelligence services, Mossad and their Turkish intelligence colleagues have managed to thwart three attacks Iran targeting civilians Israel of […]