Israel secretly agrees to the US to sell F-35 stealth fighter jets to UAE

loading… TEL AVIV – Israel tacitly gave approval on the proposed deal that would make Uni Emirat Arab (UEA) buy a plane F-35 stealth fighter jet from United States (US). If the purchase deal is completed, the Emirates will become the second country in the Middle East to operate the F-35 after Israel. (Read: About […]

Discovery in Israel. The military found a new underground tunnel from the Gaza Strip

The Israeli military has confirmed the discovery of a new underground tunnel in the country. The local engineers made the find using underground sensors, which are part of a concrete barrier currently under construction, which will ultimately be 65 kilometers long along the border of the Gaza Strip. Not long after the tunnel was discovered, […]

UAE Money Through Israel To Build Settlements …

loading… JERUSALEM – Chairman of the Fatah Jerusalem area Shadi Mutwar warned of money United Arab Emirates (UAE) being pumped through various channels Israel used to build Jewish settlements. The statement was published on the Fatah movement’s official website. Mutwar revealed what he described as “a new intrusion Emirates, “referring to the delegation led by […]

EU countries against settlements in the West Bank: “Israel violates international law”

FIVE European countries (Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France and Spain) intervened with a political statement to criticize Israel’s decision to authorize the construction of new apartments in the Palestinian Territories. Spokespeople for the five countries’ foreign ministries wrote that “we are deeply concerned by the decision taken by the Israeli authorities to advance more than […]

Israel Agreement with Gulf States – “Dawn of a New Middle East”

“Salam… Shalom… Peace!” Read the headline of the Saudi Arabian newspaper Arab News on Wednesday, one day after the signing of the Abrahamic Accords between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. The Bahraini Leaf Al-Watan conjured up the “dawn of a new Middle East,” and the Dubai-Standard from the Emirates celebrated a “historic […]

We Always Envisioned Normalizing Relationships with …

loading… WASHINGTON – Saudi Arabia said they always had a shadow to normalize the relationship with Israel. This was disclosed by the Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan. Speaking in a webinar with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Faisal reiterated that normalization with Israel will only take place after the creation of a […]

The majority of Arab citizens reject the agreement and recognition of Israel

loading… DOHA – Most of the citizens in Arab countries do not support the normalization of relations with Israel without solving the Palestinian problem. This is shown by the results of a survey that was recently published. “About 88% of more than 28,000 respondents in 13 countries in the Middle East and North Africa oppose […]