A woman flies through the air after her motorboat explodes

A woman was blown up in an explosion in the port of Ponza in Italy. The moment was recorded in a video that is going viral, but despite the scare, no one was injured. One of the port security cameras took the video. You can see how the stern of a boat explodes and the […]

Maite, Movistar’s virtual legal assistant, already has her first client

“Maite was born to help people know their rights, to make the world more just. Maite will work alongside the lawyer to provide her legal services to end users. Maite will be in charge of performing routine legal tasks and answering simple inquiries. We are very happy because we offer the market what we use […]

Star young Sun signs contract extension

Young Gold Coast star Noah Anderson has signed a contract extension with the club. Already committed until the end of 2021, he has added another two years to that deal. Suns players were made aware of the news at training via skipper Jarrod Witts, with the group excitedly jumping on the former number two-draft pick. […]

Olga Tañón after attacks against her daughter: I am a lot of mother

After that, Gabriela herself reported on her Instagram account her beginnings in the business world thanks to the sale of soaps from the Immune Bio Green Cell brand. “I told my mom that, since we already have a store on Instagram with our little things, now I wanted to make soaps, and my mom pleased […]

What is chlorine dioxide and why is its consumption dangerous?

He chlorine dioxide began to occupy television screens after in some countries of the world it was promoted to combat the coronavirus, although the World Organization for Health (WHO) warn that its intake is dangerous. He doctor toxicological Horacio Trapassi commented days ago on LU5 that “it is a gas that has a reddish yellow […]

Russia’s government warned that its vaccine is not entirely safe

Days after the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced the registration of the first vaccine against COVID-19, the Ministry of Health from that country shared a report in which it warns that there is still no certainty about the effectiveness of the doses and that the contraindications, due to the lack of relevant studies, are […]

Carolina Sandoval confesses that her mother has Parkinson’s

Carolina Sandoval, known in the artistic medium as “La Venenosa”, could not help crying when she said she knew the news during this period of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic. After said Instagram broadcast, the journalist was expected to participate in the live broadcast of Tell me what you know, pattern that was not […]

Cornes slams “massive own goal” by South Australian government

Kane Cornes has slammed the South Australian government for not putting their hand up to host Victorian teams while they’re stuck outside the state. Queensland will be the home base for all 10 teams for the remainder of the season, as the COVID-19 situation in Victoria worsens. This will lead to constant games at the […]

UFC fighter loses contract for his Nazi past

July 14, 2020 – 10:07 It is the second time that the German Timo Feucht is “expelled” from the UFC for his ideologies. It had already happened in 2017 Timo Feucht was due to rise to the octagon on Wednesday to face Kenneth Bergh in Abu Dhabi, where the island of UFC. However, his past […]

Adamari López shares first results of her physical challenge

July 06, 2020 – 11:07 After four weeks of physical training, Adamari López published a video on her Instagram account showing the before and after results MIAMI.- After four weeks of continuous physical training, the actress and presenter Adamari López posted on his account Instagram a video showing the before and after results obtained. On […]