Seasons and Match Days: A Look Back at the Past Decades

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Johnson Okoumé and Gladiator dominate Lambaréné pugilists

Johnson Okoumé and Gladiator dominate Lambaréné pugilists June 12, 2023 The esplanade of the town hall of the Grand Blanc refused people on the occasion of the boxing gala which pitted boxers from Moyen-Ogooué against those from the Estuary. Hot fights that drained the world into a ring that came especially from Libreville with high-level […]

Boris Johnson resigns as MP with immediate effect

“Partygate” investigation concludes former Prime Minister lied to Parliament and likely sanction prompted BoJo to also turn his back on Westminster Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has decided to step down with immediate effect as a member of the British Parliament after learning that he will be sanctioned for having deceived […]

Unpublished legal battle over the former Prime Minister’s chats

And scandal and an ultimatum, which expired this Tuesday at 4 in the afternoon but has been extended until June 1, they shake up the British government. He Covid Party (the covid party) of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his diary and journals have plunged the British cabinet office into a unprecedented legal battle for […]

Violent outburst of anger – Johnson: He is said to have insulted Macron so roughly

According to a former adviser, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rudely insulted French President Emmanuel Macron in the days after Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine began. At the beginning of March 2022, Johnson gave Macron a “four-letter word that begins with C” in his presence, said Johnson’s former adviser Guto Harri in a […]