Adidas’ profit is falling sharply. The anti-Semite Kanye West is also to blame

The German company has worked with rapper Ye for nearly a decade, with the past seven years focusing on the Yeezy sneaker and clothing brand. Due to a series of anti-Semitic and otherwise offensive statements made by the singer in recent months, Adidas unilaterally terminated this collaboration on October 25th. The rapper previously went by […]

Two Black Americans Claim Rights to ‘White Lives Matter’ Slogan

Two black American radio hosts have obtained the rights to the controversial slogan ‘White Lives Matter’. As a result, American rapper Kanye West cannot market clothing with that slogan without their permission. Ramses Yes and Quinton Ward, hosts of a radio show in Phoenix, were given the rights of an anonymous listener. He thought, Ja […]

Kanye West: Instagram bans the rapper for a month for ‘anti-Semitic messages’

Rapper Kanye West, also known as Yewas suspended this Sunday from Instagram for the next 30 days after publishing the photograph of a virtual conversation in which he referred “derogatorily” to Jewish businessmen, a spokesman for Meta confirmed to the US press on Monday. West, punctuated in recent weeks by endless controversies and vetoes due […]

‘SNL’ spoofs Kanye West’s unsolicited visit to Skechers

“Saturday Night Live” parodied Kanye West’s unsolicited visit to Skechers headquarters amid the fallout from his anti-Semitic comments. “Here at Skechers, we pride ourselves on two things: Making stylish, comfortable shoes at an affordable price, and having zero tolerance for anti-Semitism,” comedian Cecily Strong said in the skit, while portraying a marketing director for the […]

Chaos and controversy have always been trademarks of Kanye West

Splash News NOS News•Saturday, 12:00 A provocative White Lives Matter shirt, anti-Semitic threats against Jews, social media fights with friends and enemies. Rapper Ye, best known as Kanye West, has always been erratic. But this month, his behavior led to a Twitter and Instagram suspension, disapproval from the president of Israel and severing multimillion-dollar contracts […]

Index – Tech-Science – These Twitter accounts can be unbanned by Elon Musk

After Elon Musk took control of Twitter, a severe purge began, and the billionaire immediately replaced the company’s CEO, CFO and the company’s top lawyer. Musk, who describes himself as an advocate for free speech, is likely to lift the ban on some high-profile individuals, a source familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. According to […]

Kanye West’s ex-employee claims the rapper was obsessed with Hitler

Kanye West intended to release an album titled “Hitler” by the fascination he felt for the dictatoraccording to music industry workers told the chain CNN. According to four members of his team, the rapper, who in recent days has lost millionaire contracts with brands such as Adidas and Balenciaga for his anti-Semitic comments and racist […]

Index – FOMO – Kim Kardashian: Hate speech is unforgivable

Kardashian posted her statement on her Instastories section of her Instagram account on Monday. “Hate speech is never okay or forgivable. I sympathize with the Jewish community. The horrific violence and hateful rhetoric directed against them must end immediately,” the post read. The post comes days after singer Boy George posted a video on his […]

Anti-Semitism allegations: Adidas stops working with Kanye West

Business anti-Semitism allegations “Hateful and dangerous” – Adidas ends collaboration with Kanye West Stand: 25.10.2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes Adidas ends cooperation with Kanye West Adidas has ended its collaboration with US rapper Kanye West. The company does not tolerate “anti-Semitism or any other type of hate speech,” wrote the sporting goods manufacturer from […]

George Floyd’s family announce lawsuit against Kanye West

New York (AP) – The family of George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation, wants to take legal action against Kanye West because of his statements about the crime. Lawyers on Tuesday sent a cease and desist letter to the artist, also known as Ye, and said they would represent Floyd’s teenage […]