Anti-Semitism allegations: Adidas stops working with Kanye West

Business anti-Semitism allegations “Hateful and dangerous” – Adidas ends collaboration with Kanye West Stand: 25.10.2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes Adidas ends cooperation with Kanye West Adidas has ended its collaboration with US rapper Kanye West. The company does not tolerate “anti-Semitism or any other type of hate speech,” wrote the sporting goods manufacturer from […]

George Floyd’s family announce lawsuit against Kanye West

New York (AP) – The family of George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation, wants to take legal action against Kanye West because of his statements about the crime. Lawyers on Tuesday sent a cease and desist letter to the artist, also known as Ye, and said they would represent Floyd’s teenage […]

praises Drake for sleeping with Kris Jenner

10/17/2022 at 4:00 p.m. CEST It is said that Drake and Kris Jenner would be together “Drake is the best rapper in history,” says Kanye who knows Kanye West, knows perfectly well that his outbursts are common. And the latest madness of this artist has been praise that Drake had relationships with his mother-in-law until […]

Kanye West was sanctioned by Instagram and Twitter after posting anti-Semitic comments

The return from Kanye West a Twitter after two years of silence he was injured. The American rapper was sanctioned on that social network after Posts flagged as anti-Semitic and other comments that violated the platform’s rules. The musician and producer, known as “Ye”, was also blocked on instagram. Kanye West is punished by Instagram […]

Justin Bieber ends his friendship with Kanye West

“Obviously they are injured by the attacks of Kanyeespecially since they were there for him in 2020 when he was going through a tough time in his life, traveling to Wyoming to visit him at his ranch,” a source told TMZ. The source added that Bieber has always been “super supportive” and sensitive to the […]

what happened between Kanye West and the Vogue journalist?

Couple Rose Married Posted on 06/10/2022 at 10:44, Update yesterday at 10:41 Kanye West during his stay in Paris, arriving at the Givenchy fashion show. (October 2, 2022). Getty The creator of the Yeezy brand caused controversy after his Parisian fashion show, targeting Gabriella Karefa-Johnson who was indignant at the slogan “White Lives Matter” plastered […]

Kanye West starred in the Balenciaga fashion show walking on the mud

Rapper Kanye West starred in the fashion show organized by Balenciagawhere men in military-inspired suits and women in ball gowns waded through the mud. Wearing a cap under the hood, leather pants, a multi-pocketed black jacket and large sneakers, the American star and friend of Balenciaga’s Georgian stylist Demna opened the show on the outskirts […]

Kanye West makes a surprise appearance at the BET Awards

Kanye West is back in public. At the BET Awards, the rapper explains his months-long absence. He wanted to “get off the radar”. Kanye West is back in public. – 2015 Kristin Callahan/ImageCollect Ad the essentials in brief Rapper Kanye West made a surprise appearance at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. Regarding his longer […]