Galak killing, the ‘pilgrim’s dog’ of San Giovanni Rotondo: the investigations

San Giovanni Rotondo is still incredulous about the death of Galak, the ‘Pilgrim’s Dog’, found lifeless yesterday morning, most likely killed by a gunshot. There are two communities that mourn the four-legged animal that led the tourists to the Convent of San Pio: there is also San Marco in Lamis, the Municipality where he was […]

Joe Biden absorbs the pain of a traumatized city in Uvalde

An 18-year-old opened fire in a Texas elementary school on Tuesday May 24, killing nineteen children and two teachers. «Do something!”: Joe Biden absorbed the pain of Uvalde, a Texas town traumatized by a school shooting, on Sunday May 29, but he cannot promise much in terms of gun regulation. Read alsoTexas Massacre: Why Americans […]

Joe Biden will travel to Uvalde on Sunday

The American president said he was “sickened and tired” in the face of the litany of school shootings after the attack which left 20 dead, including 19 children. Joe Biden will travel Sunday, May 29 to Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two teachers were killed Tuesday in a school shooting, the White House announced […]

Lower Saxony & Bremen: Long prison sentence for 24-year-olds for killing a baby

Lower Saxony & Bremen 24-year-old jailed for killing baby 02/11/2022 02:47 am Literally at the very last second, the defendant broke his silence. He told his version of the death of a baby who was only three months old. The judges didn’t believe him. Oldenburg (dpa / lni) – In the verdict, the judge spoke […]

Pfotenhilfe Sauerland – Austin

Austin was lucky and was allowed to travel to Germany for a foster home a few weeks ago and has since settled in well there. Austin is already doing a lot of things right. He drives well in the car, staying alone has already been practiced with him and it works very well. Even walking […]

What happened when the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit Earth?

Hidden under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Chicxulub crater is the site of an asteroid impact 66 million years ago. The most significant consequence of this catastrophic event was the fifth mass extinction, which wiped out about 80% of all animal species, including the non-floating dinosaurs. But what really happened when the asteroid […]