Court rejects application to suspend execution of Korea Communications Standards Commission Chairman Jeong Yeon-ju’s dismissal

The court dismissed the application for suspension of execution filed by Jeong Yeon-ju, former chairman of the Korea Communications Standards Commission, and others, who objected to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s dismissal decision. The 14th Administrative Division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Chief Judge Song Gak-yeop) dismissed on the 27th the application for suspension of execution of […]

Decathlon Korea conducts ‘Running Campaign’ for running beginners

[이데일리 이윤정 기자] French multisports brand Decathlon Korea announced on the 22nd that it will be holding a ‘running campaign’ for beginners who want to experience the joy of running in the fall. (Photo = Decathlon Korea) In this campaign, Decathlon Korea is targeting those who want to start running. For beginners, △ Running certification […]

The Football Association apologizes for the “Olympic” loss to South Korea

The Football Association issued an official statement in which it apologized to the sports street for the huge and painful loss of our Olympic team yesterday against the South Korean team with nine unanswered goals in their match within the Asian Games. The statement said: “God destined and did what He willed.. We, as the […]

Poland and South Korea will begin joint production of weapons

Poland plans to build more than 800 tanks and 600 self-propelled howitzers together with South Korea. As Day.Az reports with reference to Interfax, Polish President Andrzej Duda reported this to the PAP agency. “Negotiations are currently underway on the topic of cooperation between military enterprises of both countries, aimed, among other things, at the construction […]

New Chairman of the Korea Communications Standards Commission says, “There is great concern about the influence of lookism in the selection of reporters.”

In a book published by Ryu Hee-rim, Chairman of the Korea Communications Standards Commission, he said, “Not only broadcasting but also newspaper reporters are increasingly being selected based on their appearance rather than their writing skills,” and “Take a good look at the female reporters who appear on broadcasts and in newspapers. It was revealed […]