Samsung nominates Cha Min-seok as the first high school graduate

Park Ji-won, who is expected to fail, to KT as the second priorityWoosuk Lee is the 3rd priority Hyundai Mobis Professional basketball, Seoul Samsung, broke through 16% probability in the 2020 KBL New Draft ranking lottery held on the 16th and won the overall No. 1 nomination right. It is a golden opportunity that has […]

20s and 30s bought a lot of apartments in Seoul last month… With what money?

43.6% of purchases of apartments in’under 30s’ in Seoul / Experts “There must have been financial support from parents or direct existence” Last month, the proportion of apartment purchases in Seoul in their 30s reached 38.5%. If the range is expanded to’under 30′, the portion of purchases rises to 43.6%. According to the status of […]

“Deliver to stairs, not elevators”… Controversy over apartment residents

Prohibition of use because of’long hold of elevator’“Direct delivery to the house is required and urged to use only the stairs” Claims have been made that residents of Jeonnam Gwangju apartments have not allowed delivery drivers to use elevators. A couple of courier drivers have recently posted an entrance door in the apartment that complains […]

My health’osteoporosis’ to be checked at the threshold of winter

I came to the threshold of winter. Middle-aged and elderly people should be aware of’osteoporosis’ that comes silently in cold weather. Osteoporosis is a symptom that the bone density decreases and the strength decreases significantly. As the strength of the bones decreases, it is considered a typical musculoskeletal disorder in old age, as the bones […]

The tax cut… Betrayal of public golf courses [심층기획]

Green pea and Katby’s profiteering golfers’bulk’… Only the golf course is fullPopularization colorless… More rates than membershipCorona special, expedient operation and guts sales Mr. A, a self-employed man who played a round in the Gyeonggi area last weekend, stuck his tongue out in the dominion of the golf course. He said, “The booking (reservation) was […]