Coronavirus. North Korea Welcomes “Brilliant Success”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un welcomed the “Brilliant success” obtained according to him by his country in its fight against the Covid-19, reported Friday the official agency KCNA. The North Korean leader was speaking at a meeting of the Workers’ Party devoted to the impact of the virus on Thursday, while the country has […]

Ministry of Agriculture Ensures South Korean Enoki Mushrooms Are Out of the Market Page all

JAKARTA, – The Ministry of Agriculture ensures that enoki mushrooms originating from South Korea’s Green Co Ltd producer is no longer available in Indonesia. Enoki mushrooms from these producers are proven to be contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes bacteria. “(Enoki mushroom from South Korea) has certainly not been on the market. We took a sample […]

Pandemic: the major stages of six months of global crisis

From the first official Chinese notification at the end of 2019 to the more than 511,000 deaths now recorded, here are the main stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. On December 31, 2019, the Chinese authorities warn the World Health Organization (WHO) of cases of pneumonia of unknown origin in Wuhan (11 million inhabitants), capital of […]

All BTS Wants ARMY Wants, Photos Jin Ends So Meme

Jakarta, Insertlive – Impressions Run BTS episode 106 features various superconscious scenes of Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS members. This time they were given a challenge to become a photographer. The challenge requires each member to produce the best shots in accordance with the theme. They also try their best to meet the challenges with various […]

5 Audiences in Korean Drama that Hardly Hate a Viewer

Jakarta, Insertlive – The character of a third person or actor in a relationship in a Korean drama story indeed makes the audience emotional with that figure. It feels natural because these characters are considered to damage the relationship of a couple who has been in a relationship for years. But the audience treatment is […]

North Korea is threatening to to demilitarizovaných zones will send an army

The north Korean army has threatened to return to the demilitarizovaných zones, set mezikorejskými peace accords. To do so, if the activists from South Korea stop north using balloons to send leaflets criticizing the north Korean regime. With reference to the local media about this informed the agency AP. “Our military is closely monitoring the […]

The younger sister of Kim Jong-un Issued a Statement Threatens the Carousel

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — the Sister of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-unKim Yo Jong, issued a statement the threat against the neighboring country, South Korea. “I feel this is a very high [peluang] to ensure separation with the authorities of South Korea. We will do a next step,” said Kim Yo-jong broadcast news agency of […]

Doctors put forward a new version regarding re-infection with coronavirus

Suspicions associated with false positive tests. A new study from South Korea refuted the findings of the previous: 260 cases of reinfection were found to be associated with false positive PCR tests. Tests detected RNA of destroyed viruses in the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract. The cell lives up to 3 months, and viral […]

Coronavirus: South Korea registers a sharp increase in the number of cases

The country, which in February was one of the most important centers of contamination in the world, is considered as a model in the fight against the virus. Lhe South Korea recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases on Monday in more than a month due to an outbreak in a nightlife district in Seoul. […]