Married couple arrested for possible insurance fraud: 80 accidents in six years | NOW

A couple from Den Bosch was arrested this week on suspicion of insurance fraud. The two had been involved in more than eighty traffic accidents as injured parties since 2014 and claimed around 180,000 euros. Police suspect the couple deliberately causing collisions in parking lots near busy shopping centers and furniture boulevards. According to police, […]

Police emails 50,000 people about stolen credentials | NOW

The Dutch police will send a message to 50,000 email addresses on Tuesday to warn that their passwords have been stolen. The police reports this on its website. The data was found in an investigation by the Belgian police. In the Netherlands, a suspect was arrested who is involved in a “cyber crime”. In the […]

Police find wanted car in investigation of girl who was killed

The police seized a car on Friday in the investigation into the death of 14-year-old Tamar, who was killed two weeks ago near Marken. This is the gray Mazda 3 that is on previously released camera images, the police said on Monday. In the coming days, a forensic investigation will be used to determine whether […]

Garage box Urmond full of stolen Porsche parts 1Limburg

Parts of several stolen Porsches were found by the police in a shed in Urmond. According to the police, the parts probably originate from cars stolen in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, which were subsequently stripped for parts. No detentionThe police already raided the garage box on Paalweg on July 14, but was only announced […]

Fifteen injured in Chicago shooting

Fifteen injured in a shooting at a funeral in Chicago on Tuesday evening. The police of the American city report this. The fire was opened from a passing car. One or more people at the funeral shot back and the car crashed. The occupants managed to escape, as far as is known they were not […]

Possible three criminal cases invalid due to misconduct of Limburg police officers NOW

The National Criminal Investigation Department investigates more than a thousand files of the Limburg police team Horst / Peel en Maas for criminal offenses. So far, three police cases have found suspicions of misconduct by police officers, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) reports Tuesday after reports of The Limburger. In June, five police officers in […]

Another nuisance in Knokke, three Dutch youth arrested

In the night from Thursday to Friday, three underage Dutch youths were arrested in Knokke, Belgium. In total, five arrests were made after revelers once again caused unrest, local police confirm after reports from the Flemish public broadcaster VRT. The nuisance in Knokke, which has been going on for several days, is mainly caused by […]

Five officers on inactive, criminal investigations into racism began

The Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam starts a criminal investigation into racist statements by police officers in a WhatsApp group, about which NRC reported on Wednesday. The OM reports this on Thursday. Five police officers have been suspended by the police. They will “not work and wait for the results at home” pending the investigation. […]

US army helicopters over Barendrecht in the coming weeks –

BARENDRECHT – Above Barendrecht have been since yesterday (Wednesday July 1, 2020) regularly hear and see military (combat) helicopters. These are groups of helicopters from an American helicopter brigade that are brought back to their home base in the state of Georgia via the port of Rotterdam. The 77 helicopters will fly in groups from […]

Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-girlfriend Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested

Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-girlfriend and collaborator of multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested on Thursday in the US state of New Hampshire. The FBI confirmed this after news reports from the news channel NBC. Maxwell is suspected of being involved in the sexual exploitation and abuse of several underage girls. According to the Public Prosecution Service, she […]