Leasing a new car for ‘Latvijas Pastam’ will cost 5.5 million euros

“Latvijas Pasts” has added 340 new, environmentally friendly cars to the company’s fleet. The new cars will be received by postmen in territories where universal postal service is provided to customers’ residences, and they will help deliver parcels more efficiently, the company informs. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The full-service rental of postmen’s […]

Now on Spotify: “Basic points – macro trends real estate market” in an expert discussion with Sebastian Hartrott, Hannover Leasing, Ferdinand Schmack jun. GmbH, press release

Investment managers and institutional investors under pressure: What strategies do large investors have in the face of volatility and market weakness? In the “Expert talk with Sebastian Hartrott” of the podcast “Basispunkte – Makrotrends Immobilienmarkt”, which is now available on Spotify, Sebastian Hartrott, member of the management board at Hannover Leasing, and Frank Esslinger get […]

AGE targets 20 billion annual revenues by virtue of high coal prices

Asia Green Energy: Coal prices remained stable in 2016 as energy demand increased following the economic recovery. Set a revenue target of more than 20 billion baht next year, continuing to grow from this year’s revenue reaching 18 billion baht. Mr. Phanom Kuansataporn, Chief Executive Officer Managing Director of Asia Green Energy Public Company Limited […]

Santander Consumer Bank chose the best car dealer

This year, too, cooperating car and two-wheeler dealerships were able to nominate their best salespeople for the award. The winners in the five categories were finally determined by a specialist jury. This consisted of Olaf-Peter Poenisch (CEO, Santander Consumer Bank), Michael Schwaiger (CCO, Santander Consumer Bank), Marc-Uli Lech (Lech training / Santander master class) and […]

COMPANY CAR | Garanta appointed new general manager

“The granting of power of attorney to Christian Zettl is intended to be recognition of his achievements in contract management. By expanding the decision-making authority in the management area, important decisions can also be made much more quickly,” explains Garanta’s chief representative, Mag. Heinz Steinbacher, and congratulates the new authorized signatory on his appointment. Christian […]

Porsche Bank continues on its successful course

Globally, 651,970 new financing (140,271), insurance (475,904) and maintenance (35,795) contracts were signed. And the development of the Porsche Bank also fits in Austria. In 2021, it was able to win almost 57,000 new financing contracts (47,564 leasing and 9,378 loan contracts). It thus has a total of almost 230,000 financing contracts in its portfolio […]

Car remains popular, telematics less so

As far as car insurance is concerned, only slightly more than every second person in Austria has comprehensive insurance. Only a little more than a third has fully comprehensive insurance and around a quarter partially comprehensive insurance. Almost 50 percent of those who drive infrequently only have the legally required liability insurance. For Wiener Städtische, […]