Canada Reports First Zero Corona Deaths Since March

Jakarta – Canada reported zero deaths from the Corona COVID-19 virus in the past 24 hours for the first time since March 15. The data was released by the public health agency which was released Friday night (11/09/2020). Quoted from page Reuters, data shows the death toll in Canada as a result of the Corona […]

Faced with confinement by Covid-19, pseudo-gurus of sport increase

Given the confinement and the distancing measures, the physical activities that were carried out in gyms and physical activity centers have moved to the free spaces at home, this before the so-called Training pseudo-gurus that recommend routines without adequate knowledge, which could be counterproductive to health. “A major problem when exercising at home is choosing […]

Malaysia Will Return Lockdown, Covid-19 Positive Cases Surge

Illustration of medical staff examining the condition of the patient in the isolation room when simulating the treatment of a corona virus positive patient. (Source: KOMPAS.COM) JAKARTA, KOMPAS. TV – The Malaysian government plans to re-implement the lockdown policy if new cases of the corona virus (Covid-19) surge to 100 patients per day. Reporting from […]

China’s Lockdown in the Capital of Xinjiang Triggers Findings of 17 Corona Cases

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -The capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, China was declared closed or lockdown after at least 17 cases of corona virus infection were found. The Urumqi Authority, the capital of Xinjiang with a population of 3.5 million, has canceled all flights in and out of Urumqi, Radio Free Asia reported, July 17, […]

‘Hamster peak’ of psychotropic drugs at the start of the corona lockdown

Monday, 13. July 2020 – 9:59 Update: 13-07-2020 11:48 Utrecht The corona pandemic and measures taken, such as social isolation, have led to fear and worry in many people. Nivel’s research shows that this did not lead to the doctor prescribing medicines more often for anxiety, depression or insomnia. Apart from a brief spike in […]

How should we handle quarantined feeding? – Lifetime

Plan M together with nutritionist Laura Cruz provide some recommendations to keep in mind in isolation, time in which you can feel more anxiety about the closure and also, the desire to take advantage of the quarantine to lose a few kilos. More hours of sleep, less physical activity, teleworking, children without classes and more […]

The lion cubs miss the people, the cheetahs do not

At the village of Sekenani, two hundred vehicles usually pass the entrance of the Maasai Mara Natural Park, today there are four. Buses usually drive to and from this village. “Many generations of wildlife have grown up in tourist vans,” said James Sindiyo, head of the 270 game keepers at Kenai Maasai Mara Game Park. […]

Too Long Playing Games During Lockdown, British Men Died Due to Venous Thrombosis

Two weeks before Louis’s death, Stanley had actually been told that his son was not feeling well. He even lost his balance and fainted. Stanley briefly called the emergency number. They said that the condition might have been caused by food poisoning. But his condition continued to deteriorate and Louis began to complain about his […]

Only a Day Admits Regret Attending the Party, The Next Day Died Due to Corona

Jakarta – A man from California, United States, posted his remorse on social media Facebook for being careless in attending a party that made him infected with the Corona virus. A day after he posted his message, the man died of COVID-19. Whereas before, the man named Thomas Macias was very obedient to the rules […]