Los Angeles police forbade Christina Ricci’s Addams Families husband to approach her

After contacting Christina Ricci’s Addams Families star with the police, her husband James Herdegen received a ban on any contact with his wife. Christina Ricci, a 40-year-old star in the Addams Family film, was forced to turn to the Los Angeles police with a complaint about her husband James Herdegen, USWeekly reports. The incident occurred […]

USA: Merkel wants to deny responsibility on the part of Trump not

Obama sees protests after Floyd’s death as a sign of hope The former U.S. President, Barack Obama, sees the peaceful protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police to make use of as a Chance to progress in the fight against “institutionalized racism” in the United States. It was impressive […]

Spanish flu: Hollywood owes world domination to a virus

WWe write the fall of 1918. Hollywood is in a state of emergency. Because of the Spanish flu, all cinemas are closed and all productions have been shut down. Nobody knows what to do next – nobody except Adolph Zukor. The Paramount boss has a plan for how he plans to transform the entire film […]

Eleven firefighters injured in major Los Angeles fire | NOW

Eleven firefighters were injured on Saturday in a fire after an explosion in the center of the American city of Los Angeles. More than two hundred firefighters were deployed to control the fire, local media report. The fire brigade was notified of a fire in a building in the Little Tokyo neighborhood at around 6:30 […]

Robert Harrison: “The disease has almost the status of a rumor”

WORLD: They live in Silicon Valley. What is it like there at the place where perfection and immortality are invented? Robert Harrison: Here, a certain form of social distance was already commonplace. The home office was created here. The US economy is collapsing, but tech is hiring instead of firing. The people here don’t suffer […]

Julia Stoschek draws her art from Berlin

EActually, it was thought two weeks ago that things couldn’t get any worse for Berlin: the city loses its most important collection for contemporary art, one of the best in the world, the collection of Friedrich Christian Flick. But now things are getting worse. If you look at the city of art in Berlin and […]

Covid-19 to kill 100,000 in the US by June

About half of the fifty American states have embarked on the partial reopening of their economy these days, from Indiana to Texas via Minnesota or Florida, strongly encouraged by US President Donald Trump. His administration however anticipates almost a doubling of the number of daily deaths from Covid-19 by the beginning of June, according to […]

Lockdown art: I’m a classic

Culture Lockdown art I am a classic Status: 05:15 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes To tease your hair: Evan Rosato imitates Gustave Courbet Boredom in lockdown? The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has called for re-creation of famous works of art – and the response has been overwhelming. A small museum of the most […]

At war with boredom: porn stars, folk rhymes and roommate vampires

1- With sun and poppers For years, Karen and Barry Mason’s children thought their parents were odd booksellers that when they walked through the store, they were told to bow their heads and look at their shoes. In reality, the couple, an ex-journalist passionate about censorship, an engineer who worked in the field of special […]

New allegations against Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles

GAgainst former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (68), further allegations of a sexual crime have been made in California. A woman, who is not named, has allegedly allegedly sexually assaulted a Beverly Hills hotel in May 2010, the Los Angeles prosecutor said on Friday. The additional charge of sexual assault is to be included in the […]