Aztec soccer player rejects Mexico after being champion with USA

The dispute between Mexico y USA by football players that they share both nationalities continues and now a player has already made his decision, because Mauricio Cuevaswho plays in Bruges of Belgium, rejection to Mexican team after being crowned with USA. Both of them have long countries have been in the dispute for taking to […]

Man kills thieves and leaves strong message at the scene

A man who calls himself ‘The Cleaner’ he has killed three thieves and leaves strong warnings at their crime scenes. Citizens have cataloged him as “The Batman” of Mexico. The mystery grows to identify the subject who apparently is an anonymous avenger and who is acting in the state of Morelos, Mexico. To the man […]

Thousands of migrants are mobilized in Mexico for permits to reach the US border.

Some 2,000 migrants, mostly Venezuelans, began a mobilization this Friday in southern Mexico to press for the delivery of safe-conducts that allow them to advance towards the border with the United States, AFP found. The foreigners, among whom are also Central Americans, left at dawn from the city of Tapachula (border with Guatemala), where obtaining […]

Mexico returns to Italy historical archive of Ettore Ferrari – Counter-Replica

By Claudia Bolanos A documentary, historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the correspondence of the painter, sculptor and liberal politician, Ettore Ferraricorresponding to the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, was returned to the people and Government of Italy on the occasion of the Centenary of the Headquarters of […]

We lost undefeated; report higher incidence of covid-19 cases

You and your wife well know where they lost their undefeated record: in that club where they danced until dawn. That’s why, after a few days, they knew it was covid-19 when she woke up with a voice that wasn’t hers, but one taken from beyond the grave, and when you woke up with sneezes […]

Outward: Definitive Edition | review / kopodo

Prime Matter and development studio Nine Dots They take us on an epic adventure trip where practically drinking puddle water can kill them, it is the open world survival RPG Outward: Definitive Edition, which has recently arrived on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. For fans of games where you have to calculate even […]