Two dead among 15 migrants found trapped in a train in Texas

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted yesterday at 07:39 , Update yesterday at 10:35 A two-year-old Chinese migrant after crossing the Rio Grande River from Texas on March 23. ADREES LATIF / REUTERS About fifteen migrants were found.chokingon a train in Texas, in the south of the United States, two of whom died, announced the […]

a mayor threatened because of a project for a reception center for migrants

He had been receiving threats for several weeks. Around 5 a.m. on Wednesday March 22, the mayor of Saint Brévin-Les-Pins Yannick Morez saw his house and his two cars go up in smoke. An investigation has been opened, but the criminal track is clearly privileged. The facade of the house is blackened and the windows […]

They demand a greater presence of the Government with migrants in the Darién Gap

The Prosecutor, Margarita Cabello, gave the National Government a ‘pull on the ears’ when she warned that it has not complied with the care of migrants in the Darién Gap, where the situation continues to be worrisome. The official was emphatic in pointing out that the alerts made by the control body four months ago […]

Shipwreck off San Diego coast leaves 8 migrants dead

SAN DIEGO, California, USA. (AP) — Eight people were killed when two boats, believed to be smugglers, approached a San Diego beach in dense fog and capsized in the surf, authorities said, referring to the incident as one of the deadliest human smuggling operations in US history. A Spanish-speaking woman on one of the boats […]

They released the owner of the cow farm for hiding migrants near Karnobat

The court released the owner of the cow farm discovered by the police near Karnobat, where illegal migrants were waiting for transport to the interior of the country, BNT reported. Dimitar Pavlov and his accomplice admitted their guilt and entered into an agreement with the prosecutor’s office. The court imposed a conditional sentence on them […]

The delivery of the remains of the migrants who died in Panama began

The Panamanian authorities reported this Saturday that the delivery of the bodies and belongings of the 40 migrants who died in the road accident, which occurred on February 15 in the west of the country, began. This process began on Friday with the delivery of 14 remains to the relatives of the Panamanian, Ecuadorian and […]

1,300 migrants in distress in the Mediterranean: help on the way

The Italian coastguard and navy sent out several boats on Friday to help 1,300 migrants in distress in the Mediterranean. Three Coast Guard boats “are intervening about 70 nautical miles (about 130 km) south of Crotone (in the south) to provide assistance to a large dinghy with about 500 migrants on board,” the Coast Guard […]

They rescue 64 Mexican migrants who were exploited in Ontario, Canada

MEXICO CITY (appro). – In Ontario, Canada, 64 Mexican migrants were rescued by the police, as they were victims of an international network of traffickers, whose members have already been arrested. Migrants were lured with the promise of a good job, but it was a scam. York Region Police have arrested five members of a […]