Gloss: Zeman is a disoriented co-driver

According to Miloš Zeman, European politics seemed to be divided before and after the invasion of Ukraine by Putin. But it’s not like that. If it weren’t for this weekend, I would almost forget who is the head of our state. Although – really a head? Miloš Zeman is rather a random generator of quotes […]

I prefer Comenius. Zeman disappears from school class due to controversial grace

The councilor of the Olomouc Region for Education, Aleš Jakubec, strongly opposed the President’s actions. “It simply came to our notice then. In my opinion, Proputin’s orientation and legalization of mafia practices are already over the edge. I don’t want our children to have a picture of this criminal in the classrooms in front of […]

Zeman saves his most loyal (Czech notebook)

31. Mar 2022 or 12:18 I Paid content Before the final departure, the President forced us to debate the abolition of pardons. The author is a commentator for the Czech news website Seznam Zprávy Whenever we feel that there has been a suspicious peace around President Miloš Zeman for a long time and that the […]

NATO will strengthen its eastern wing, deploy additional troops if necessary, according to an extraordinary summit

In a joint statement, the leaders of the alliance strongly condemned the Russian invasion and called President Vladimir Putin’s move a “threatening strategic mistake.” “This long-planned attack on Ukraine, an independent, peaceful and democratic country, is brutal and completely unprovoked and unjustifiable,” the 30 NATO leaders agreed. According to Fiala, the NATO summit unequivocally confirmed […]

Coronavirus ONLINE: 18,268 new cases per Saturday, number of patients decreased

Dozens of hamsters selling in Hong Kong have reopened since today. Authorities last week ordered them shut down and thousands of hamsters spent on fears of coronavirus spread. The Hong Kong Bureau of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation said on Saturday evening that it had collected 1,134 samples from animals other than hamsters. These were, for […]