“The union seems to have finally come to naught” – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Regular protests took place in Belarus. This time there are fewer detainees. This is partly due to a change in opposition tactics – the protesters are more concentrated in the courtyards. Nevertheless, in Minsk, the security forces used special equipment. On the eve of the Nobel laureate Svetlana Aleksievich announced the possible victory of Alexander […]

Oxford study: Immunity after being infected with the coronavirus can last up to six months

Corona virus illustration. © Reuters Merdeka.com – People who are infected with the corona virus cannot be infected again for at least six months. So the findings of researchers at the University of Oxford disclosed on Friday. The findings are part of a large-scale study of Covid-19 reinfection following observations from health professionals that the […]

The Central Java Health Office Called 3 Districts Most Received Covid-19 Vaccines

Merdeka.com – The Central Java Health Office stated that the distribution of vaccines to the Central Java regency is not based on the high number of Covid-19 cases, but refers to the number of residents aged 18-59 years. The Health Office is still recording which areas have the potential to receive the most vaccine rations. […]

Couple fined $ 2.5 million after removing mask in park

A couple of Venezuelan origin was fined $ 2.5 million for removing her mask while they were in a park. The event happened in the past October 10th, when Alexander Ilija and his wife went for a walk in the Juan Pablo II Park, located in the commune of Las Condes. As they say, when […]

7 Natural Masks to Tighten Facial Skin, Prevent Premature Aging

Illustration of potato mask. © 2017 Merdeka.com Merdeka.com – Having healthy and toned skin is everyone’s dream, especially for those of you who are approaching the age of 30. Because at that age, without you knowing it, there are big changes in your skin, especially if you don’t maintain healthy skin. Problems in life that […]

How to operate as normally as possible in times of disruption | Communications

Do you want to know how NFON helps in digital transformation processes? Read his blog Many things that we consider “normal” are called into question when the unexpected happens. One of the main shocks we face today is how much the workplace has changed. With the rise of mobile work and the coronavirus pandemic, traditional […]

Burger King encourages its customers to eat at McDonald’s!

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 5:10 p.m. The Burger King fast food chain encouraged its customers to eat at McDonald’s. In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has announced the establishment of a new lockdown, which could extend beyond December 2. Restaurants must therefore close their doors, even if the Take Away service is […]

These are the streaming services Norwegians love: Netflix does it just fine

Amazon, NRK and YouTube at the top. EPSI Rating Norway reveals Norwegians’ relationship to electricity services in a new report in which the habits of 1,000 people were mapped. EPSI refers to it as 1000 “in-depth interviews”: “EPSI Rating today presents the results of a comprehensive measurement of customer satisfaction with the power players in […]