Majka showed the panel in which they lived in Ozd

He also talked about his father working a lot for them. Till Attila Propaganda is the last protagonist of his show Mother was the one with whom they visited Ozd. The rapper showed here where they lived as a child, and specifically the viewers could see the panel. With regard to his family, he said […]

The story of a mother-daughter 20 years apart, turns out to be friends from the office – There are many touching and interesting stories that color the journey of mothers and children around the world. No exception for Holly Shearer and Benjamin Hulleberg, mother-daughter from the United States who have been separated for 20 years. The story of their lives lately has become a concern, not only because of their […]

Strengthening IKN Security, TNI Commander Proposes Additional Personnel and Alutsista – Commander TNI General Andika Perkasa proposed the addition of the main defense system equipment (defense equipment). One of the reasons for this proposal is to strengthen defense in the national capital (IKN) of the archipelago. “Yes, we also propose to add personnel and defense equipment,” said Andika at the Gadjah Mada University (UGM) […]

Panida’s Mother Says Gatick Planned Tangmo Nida’s Death Carefully on Speedboat

GORONTALO TERRACE — A shocking statement came from Tangmo Nida’s mother, Panida about the death of the child. Panida, Tangmo Nida’s mother, said that Gatick had carefully planned her daughter’s death. This was supported by the post of a mysterious person using a Facebook account belonging to Tangmo Nida. In the Tangmo Nida Facebook post, […]

The infant was bitten; The mother stabbed the dog

A pet one-year-old baby was bitten. The mother stabbed the dog to death. The mother was also injured in the dog attack. The incident took place in California. The baby was attacked by a pit bull dog. Ruby Cervantes, a one-year-old girl, was attacked by a dog. Jamie Morales, the mother who ran away when […]

That’s how much the performances of Hungarian performers cost

Summer is coming soon and the concert season is about to begin: most domestic performers are already full on their calendars. Even so, the prices of the performances have risen a lot in the last few years. Some people ask for seven million forints for a concert. A Glance he was in possession of a […]