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Lower cancer risk through proper nutrition As the German Cancer Aid explains on its website, around 510,000 people in Germany develop cancer every year – and the trend is rising. Experts estimate that around 40 percent of all cancers can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing here is the right diet […]

“I was very badly treated”, Donald Trump moves fiscally from New York to Florida

The president would have calculated that this place of residence would be more advantageous for him, while the White House refused to comment. LUS President Donald Trump, considering himself “very badly treated” by his hometown of New York, announced that he would make Palm Beach, Florida his new tax residence. “My family and I are […]

Ana María Canseco says goodbye to Miami

“This is what my house looks like in the middle of moving to Texas. My move from Miami to San Antonio, Texas has already begun, and you cannot imagine the memories that I have from more than 20 years of living in this beautiful city that saw me grow professionally”, wrote. “It is not easy, […]

Rohani, agreement with Israel serious mistake Emirates – Asia

“The United Arab Emirates have made a serious mistake” by reaching an agreement with Israel. This was stated by Iranian President Hassan Rohani in a speech on television. A move that for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will transform the Emirates into “an easy and legitimate target of the pro-Iranian resistance”. REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright ANSA Get […]

There was a video with Efremov in a wheelchair in the hospital :: Society :: RBC

Mikhail Efremov is hospitalized from the building of the Presnensky court in Moscow (Photo by Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti) Actor Mikhail Efremov, after a stroke, moving in a wheelchair, got on the video. The video was published by the Moscow 24 Telegram channel. The footage shows how the actor is transported in a wheelchair […]