Revealed! The herbal medicine seller in Garut was killed by her husband

Garut – Police uncover the mystery of the death of Deti Suminarsih (38). The body of the herbal medicine seller from Garut was found in his stall. After more than a year of being investigated by the police, it turned out that the victim’s life was killed by her husband. “The victim was killed by […]

Warsoni’s deception surfaced who had the heart to kill his wife after making love

Jakarta – Police continue to uncover the murder case that Warsoni (41) committed to his wife, SS (29), in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta (Jaktim). Recently, Warsoni’s trick emerged that he had the heart to kill his wife after making love. This case was initially widely discussed on social media. In the narrative circulating on social […]

“This must end.” Another murder of a young woman shook the British Isles

Sadness, shock, anger. Thus, the Irish and British media describe the mood in Irish society after the murder of 23-year-old teacher Ashling Murphy. The woman was strangled by a still unknown assailant on the banks of the Grand Canal near the town of Tullamore in central Ireland. Irish police detained a man shortly after the […]

Husband Kills Wife in Semarang, Says He’s Annoyed at Being Sent to Work

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Kanipah alias Andre (32), a husband who kill his wife, Indah Safitri (27) at a rented house, in the Srinindito Baru area, Semarang, Central Java, admitted that she was desperate to kill her because she was annoyed that she was always told to work. Adre claims to be sick. He was […]

A Father Kills His Daughter’s Girlfriend for Selling Her to a Sex Trafficker

loading… WASHINGTON – A father in United States of America (USA) killed his daughter’s teenage girlfriend and left her body to rot in a car for almost a year. He killed the victim for selling his daughter to a sex trafficking network. Detectives say John Eisenman, 60, repeatedly stabbed 19-year-old Aaron Sorenson before loading his […]