Irfan Widyanto Victim of Lies Ferdy Sambo

Thursday, 24 November 2022 – 21:40 WIB VIVA National – Irfan Widyanto today is continuing the trial of obstruction of investigation or obstruction of justice regarding the death of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J at the South Jakarta District Court on Thursday 24 November 2022. Then, Irfan Widyanto’s attorney, Henry Yosodiningrat, hoped that […]

The war veteran is hailed as a hero after the shooting in Colorado Springs

The man is one of two people who helped stop the 22-year-old who killed five and wounded 18 at an LGBTIQ club in Colorado Springs over the weekend. He has been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, says the man’s wife. The town’s mayor, John Suthers, said two heroes saved many lives at the club when […]

Lower Saxony & Bremen: 18-year-old in custody for attempted murder

Lower Saxony & Bremen 18-year-old in custody for attempted murder 11/21/2022, 5:46 p.m Wolfsburg (dpa / lni) – An 18-year-old is suspected of having injured a 13-year-old and another 18-year-old with a knife, sometimes life-threateningly, after a party in his apartment in Wolfsburg. An arrest warrant was issued against the man on Monday on suspicion […]

Germany: Little boy found dead, floating in a plastic bag in the Danube

On 19 May this year, a German canoeist made a gruesome discovery when he was out paddling on the river Danube near the German city of Ingolstadt. In a plastic bag he found a small but very decomposed human corpse. An autopsy showed that it was a little boy the paddler had found, writes Dagbladet, […]

Ozuna’s lawyer denies that he is involved in the murder case – People – Culture

On November 1, it was announced that The Puerto Rican prosecutor’s office reopened the case of the murder of singer Kevin Fret, in which the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna was splashedsince the mother of the deceased named him as the person responsible for the investigation being filed. The singer’s lawyer, Antonio Sagardía, spoke on a […]

Revealed the Heinous Action of the Murder of a Bound Man in Bekasi

Bekasi – The murder of SS (63), a man who died with his hands and feet bound in Rawalumbu, Bekasi City, has finally been revealed. The grocery store owner was apparently murdered by his former employee. The suspect, DS (30) was arrested at his house in Citeureup, Bogor Regency, on Tuesday (11/15/2022). DS admitted that […]