Men, lifestyle and workout: what time to train to lose more weight

20 August 2020 00:00 Before or after noon? According to one of the latest research, which comes from the USA, there is a link between time and weight TIMETABLE, EXERCISES AND WEIGHT – The American researchers conducted studies on a sample of 100 people, all overweight, who exercised five times a week. It turned out […]

a natural repellent to scare away wild boars

They are the bête noire of farmers, but also of individuals: wild boars ravage crops and gardens. In the south of France, they are more and more numerous. So to scare them away without hurting them, the solution has been found. It was when she returned to her holiday home in Saint-Raphaël, after months of […]

Covid does not slow down, intermittent lockdown hypothesis – Biotech

While the Covid-19 pandemic gallops towards 20 million cases in the world and the contagion curve in Italy rises, epidemiologists trace the possible scenarios that await us in the coming months in the journal Nature: among the hypotheses there is also that of intermittent lockdowns, which could become the new normal in view of a […]

There has been a significant increase in the number of young owls in the Czech Republic. The increase was caused by the overpopulation of voles – ČT24 – Czech Television

“Owls usually have three to five young, but this year we discovered five clutches with six young and one clutch with seven young,” described the situation, the main coordinator of owl protection from the Czech Ornithological Society and the Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Martin Šálek. According to scientists, the owls prospered paradoxically due to the […]

The end in Sunny? Eva Burešová terrifies fans with her behavior!

Eva Burešová shows that she can be a nice rebel. The representative of Týna in the Slunečná series has decided to take a completely unexpected step. Did it endanger the filming of the series? Actress Eva Burešová is the main star of the series Sunny. It’s no secret that the actors are strictly forbidden to […]

Botswana: mysterious massacre kills 300 elephants

Scientists speak of a “disaster for the preservation of the species” : in Botswana, more than 350 elephants died in the space of a few weeks, reports the British newspaper The Guardian. By the end of May, 169 pachyderms had died. Since then, that figure has doubled. Most of the carcasses were discovered near water […]