NBA LIVE: matches TODAY, Tuesday, January 10: schedule and where to watch them

It is Tuesday January 10 one of the most important days of the NBA. the maximum basketball tournament The world is getting more and more interesting. Since its start in October 2022, there have been big surprises between the teams that play in the Eastern and Western conferences. Below, find out in detail the schedule […]

Celtics beat Lakers and Bucks beat Warriors

In a night of attractive duels in the NBA, highlights were the victory of the Bucks over the Warriors and the great victory of the Celtics against the Lakers. The victory of the Boston Celtics against the Los Angeles Lakers in an absolutely crazy game was the highlight of the NBA this Tuesday, in which […]

NBA MVP will now win the Michael Jordan Trophy

Michael Jordan he was moments away from lifting his third Most Valuable Player trophy, in a career that ultimately netted him five of those awards. David Stern, then commissioner of the NBA, gave him some simple but profound words at the half-court ceremony. “You are simply the standard by which excellence in basketball is measured,” […]

NBA: Embiid slams 53 points for Sixers, Pelicans beat Suns again (video)

He becomes the third player in Sixers history to score 50 or more points over multiple games in a season, joining Allen Iverson and Wilt Chamberlain. “It was incredible to watch,” reacted his teammate Montrezl Harrell (9 pts, 4 assists, 3 rebounds). “He is a skillful player. He does so much for our team offensively […]

The Warriors 198 basketball player sexually assaulted a female college student and was forced to “go through the back door” and was suppressed by this university | International | CTWANT

NBA Golden State Warriors forward player Anthony Lamb (Anthony Lamb) broke out that he sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend in college. Now his ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit, but the woman accused the school of disregarding her complaints of being sexually assaulted. Even suppressed the news, not only she sued, but two other women also sued the […]

stadt4.0 – Online newspaper Germany without paywall

Mavericks win at Madison Square Garden The Dallas Mavericks (Wikipedia) have won their eleventh win of the season in the North American basketball professional league NBA and are thus again balanced. At the New York Knicks, the Texans won 121-100 on Saturday, top scorer in Madison Square Garden was Mavericks star player Luka Doncic (Wikipedia). […]

The three possible paths for LeBron James’s team in the NBA

NBA With the season in full swing, the latest reports indicate that a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers to help out LeBron James is imminent. By Martin Wizenberg December 03, 2022 04:23PM EST December 03, 2022 04:23PM EST © Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesLeBron James, Patrick Beverley, Anthony Davis y Russell Westbrook. The 2022-23 season of […]

Dallas Mavericks correct New York Knicks in NBA

The Dallas Mavericks humiliated the New York Knicks (121-100) on Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York. If the Texans hadn’t eased off late in the game, the gap could have been even bigger. Dallas indeed had up to 32 points ahead (116-84, 43rd). However, it was New York who entered the game best, […]