New York is looking for Pied Pipers

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree, urban planning experience and a “generally badass aura” could make up to $170,000 a year as a rat commissioner. New York (AP) -. The metropolis of New York is looking for a top Pied Piper. “Rats will hate this job offer,” says the advertisement published on the city administration’s website. […]

Lufthansa wants to compensate Jewish passengers for 2.6 million euros

A dispute with passengers is expensive for Lufthansa: The case had caused a nationwide sensation – now there is compensation for the passengers. Almost seven months after a dispute about compliance with the mask requirement at Frankfurt Airport, Lufthansa is apparently planning to compensate around 120 Jewish passengers with a total of around 2.6 million […]

Missed ‘New York Taxi’ on RTL2?:…on TV

On Monday (November 28th, 2022) “New York Taxi” ran on TV. Missed the strip? All information about the repetition online in the media center and on TV can be found here. The film “New York Taxi” ran on TV on Monday (11/28/2022).Did you miss the Tim Story feature film at 4:00 a.m. on TV, but […]

Police officers heave man off subway platform in New York

That was close: On Thursday, two police officers rescued a man from a subway platform in New York. Video recordings from a bodycam show how they heave him off the track at the last second. Shortly thereafter, the train pulls into the station. Those: CH Media Video Unit / Melissa Schumacher

Fire hits family of Dominican origin: two dead

The Bronx woke up in mourning. The fire that has devastated a family of Dominican origin occurred early Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day, in apartment 2B at 1730 Harrison Ave. “In the morning, when I looked outside I saw all the firefighters and all the revolt and when I ran downstairs, I saw the tragedy there,” […]

[이 시각 세계] 196 cm heavy snowfall in New York, USA… 2 dead

Heavy snow fell in the western and northern parts of New York State, USA. It piled up to 196 centimeters, but two people who were clearing the snow died from overwork and traffic in the area was paralyzed. Houses, cars and roads were all covered with white snow. Snow continues to fall from the 17th […]

Snowstorm in New York worsens

USA.- Layers of snow that in some parts exceeded the height of a person buried parts of the west and north of New York, as a lake-effect storm swept through areas east of the lake on Saturday Erie and the lake Ontario for the third consecutive day, with the possibility of lasting more days. The […]