New York | The best hotels and accommodations

Hotels (+ pensions and Bed & Breakfast) – Wyndham Garden Chinatown (Chinatown et Little Italy) : In a small glass tower that stands out among the old traditional buildings of the district, it is a chain hotel, planted at the crossroads (passing!) Of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. About a hundred rooms, quite small […]

In front of a nightclub in New York: four people are shot dead

Panorama In front of night club Four men are shot dead in New York Published on 10/12/2019 | Reading time: 2 minutes Several people were shot dead in New York According to US media reports, several people were shot dead in front of a private club in Brooklyn, New York. More people were injured. The […]

Coronavirus in New York: Many still have to commute

“I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s not normal. This has its psychological price, that we are constantly being called home to the dead. We see all this grief in families, this pain. ”Edwin Raymond is a Brooklyn cop. Every time someone dies in their home district and the relatives call 911, Raymond has to […]

Public life in New York partly flattened by blizzard | NOW

Residents of the city of New York are advised not to take to the streets on Tuesday due to a heavy snowstorm. Schools also remain closed and public transport is largely at a standstill. “If you have to go outside, do it as short as possible. But it is best to stay inside,” said Mayor […]

New attraction in New York: Playground for the super rich – Panorama

The eye-catcher of the district is “The Vessel”: a steel sculpture made up of 154 nested stairs. Foto: Getty Images Bigger than World Trade and Rockefeller Center: Hudson Yards are the most ambitious urban development project New York has ever seen New York City – Manhattan has another attraction. Hudson Yards has given the real […]

Big Apple: In Search of Lost New York

On road Big Apple In search of lost New York Published on 02/19/2018 | Reading time: 4 minutes The New York skyline with the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building Quelle: Getty Images/Moment RF For many people, New York is a place of longing. For our author, however, the city has lost its initial appeal. […]

New York rises to the roof for US climate protection

New York Gwen Schantz strides in the drizzle over the roof of the old warehouse on the former moorings of Sunset Park in west Brooklyn. The gaze of the young lady in jeans and a windbreaker sweeps over the water reservoir, the bay and the skyscrapers of Manhattan. It is August 28, and in the […]

In New York bruised by the pandemic, the exodus has begun

Residents are being pushed out by rising rents. The trauma of the pandemic has already pushed many New Yorkers to leave the city for good as quickly as possible, leaving many apartments empty and causing real estate prices to soar around the metropolis. “I was not ready to leave,” recalls Nick Barnhorst when he sees […]