Ex-world champion Pauline Schäfer: Serious allegations against gymnastics trainer

Gymnastics star Pauline Schäfer had been harassed by her trainer for years, but when she decided to “no longer just be the little gymnastics robot”, it had become “particularly bad”. At least that’s what the former balance beam world champion says in the magazine “Der Spiegel”. The 23-year-old shepherd says she is fed up with […]

Argentina raises fuel prices by an average of 3.5%

Argentina raised fuel prices starting yesterday, Saturday, in an attempt to address the current situation of the country’s economy, which suffers from a large fiscal deficit. And the state-owned Argentine Energy Company (YBF) announced that it had raised fuel and diesel prices across the country, by an average of 3.5 percent, as of Saturday (yesterday). […]

Naadei: In Naadei before, in Naadei after | Noovo

To Naadei from before, from Naadei from: – “I do you?” – “Yes, do it. You’re not game. ” Because, it’s the weirdest decision you’ll ever make. Because you find it so cheesy worse as tasteless as a show, but seriously, it is you who are cheesy with your judgments and your sighs as a […]

Media group Axel Springer: to the top of the world with Döpfner?

With the help of the financial investor KKR, the media group wants to become the world market leader in digital business behind the “Bild” newspaper. Where is Springer headed under its major shareholder Mathias Döpfner? By Lothar Gries, boerse.ARD.de “Springer is now Döpfner,” wrote the German Press Agency in September when it became known that […]

Thanksgiving in the US: Risky Family Reunion Trip

Despite clear reminders, many Americans have set out to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. Experience has shown that the number of infections increases after such holidays. By Peter Mücke, ARD-Studio New York The US health authority CDC had warned: This year, Thanksgiving should only be celebrated at home and only with people from your own […]

OD Chez Nous: Jamie bursts into tears talking about his mother! |…

A particularly touching moment of the season! The candidates ofOD With us had quite a surprise when they received a video call from their loved ones on Monday evening. A particularly touching moment of the season! A few days before the grand finale, the guys and girls enjoyed this unique moment with their families. Jamie […]

la A3 Sportback ibrida plug-in- Corriere.it

Compact, sporty, technological and now also ecological. The Audi A3 Sportback had already convinced in form and content at the launch of the fourth generation last summer. The wedge-shaped line, the flared sides and the steeper uprights, a nice turn towards sportiness. It had also been adapted to the best technological standards of its fleet: […]