Burgos registers one death from covid and 89 new infections since Friday

Rewrite this content Screening in a Burgos population / ICAL The deceased registered by Health represents the eighth death from coronavirus in 2023 and leaves the figure at 1,419 deaths in the province since the start of the pandemic Health has registered one death and 89 new covid infections since Tuesday in Burgos. This new […]

Astronomical warning: stars ‘disappear from the night sky’

Rewrite this content A number of astronomers have warned that the stars in the night sky are no longer visible before our eyes. Every year, the sky gets brighter [نتيجة التلوث الضوئي بسبب الاستخدام المفرط أو غير المناسب للضوء الاصطناعي] By 10 percent, according to a major new study, which means that a large number […]

Riyadh season… God’s victory! | Middle east

Rewrite this content Hassan Nasrallah made a televised speech in which he tried to incite his followers and the Lebanese against Saudi Arabia, saying that Riyadh can pay a sum of money to get Lebanon out of its crisis, even if it is as much as it is spent on the Saudi Football League, or […]

Scientists find a 17-pound meteorite in Antarctica…

Rewrite this content History 1/21/2023 2:22:21 PM (MENAFN- Youm7) A daring team of scientists braved the harsh conditions of the icy Antarctic desert to recover five new meteorites, including a massive space rock weighing nearly 17 pounds, according to the Spaces. The team of scientists included Field Museum and University of Chicago researcher Maria […]

No time for mourning in Iran!

Rewrite this content Despite what is on the surface of the events in Iran, the research in depth shows that the existing Iranian regime is entering into a (deep identity crisis). The (Umm Al-Qura) project, which was heralded by a number of leaders and laid plans for its implementation, faces not only difficulties and resistance, […]

NFL New York Giants at….im TV

Rewrite this content On Sunday (01/22/2023) the American football show “ran Football: NFL New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles” ran on television. You can read all information about the repetition online in the media library and on TV here. On Sunday (01/22/2023) at 02:00 a.m. “ran Football: NFL New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles” was […]


SCI Allianz Value Pierre is a Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) of the DIVERSIFIED CLASSIC category, with variable capital, created in 2012. It is accessible via at least one life insurance contract, allowing savers to benefit from guaranteed liquidity in the event of resale and tax advantages associated with life insurance. Its rate of return for […]

WhatsApp develops 3 new features

WhatsApp, owned by the “Meta” company, is developing 3 new features to improve the user experience. The first feature allows users to share an audio recording as a status update, with a maximum of 30 seconds. The second feature is the camera shooting mode, which allows the user to choose between taking a photo or […]

Mortgage in Spain, how to calculate the 30% debt/income rule?

Hello, everyone! More than 3 years ago, I bought a holiday home on the Canary Islands. The purpose was to use it for a small extent for my own use, and for the most part for rental. After the outbreak of the Corona virus, the rental has been going really well. At that time, the […]