Amazon will open its first non-virtual clothing store

E-commerce company “Amazon” announced Thursday plans to open its first store in Los Angeles that allows the purchase of clothes in the presence of the person, in an additional step for it into the real world.The company’s blog explained that the “Amazon Style” store, which will open later this year, allows customers to shop by […]

Two cases against Ahlam and al-Kubaisi for their lack of commitment

Khabarni – The General Department of Investigations in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior recorded two cases of a “special misdemeanor” against a Gulf artist and artist and their companions, due to their non-compliance during their visit to the country with the quarantine procedures imposed by the authorities to confront the “Corona” virus, according to what […]

Bitcoin sets a new record

The data of the “Coindesk” cryptocurrency portal indicated that the price of the “Bitcoin” currency rose during the trading session by 7.16% to reach $67,570 thousand. The portal confirmed, “The price of the digital currency set a new record after midnight on Monday, Tuesday, recording 67,650 thousand dollars, thus exceeding its historical maximum.” And “Bitcoin” […]

Kuwait exempts Palestinians from 60 . fees

Khabarni – Kuwait has exempted Palestinians from residency renewal fees for those over 60 who hold qualifications without a university degree. Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Anbaa” reported on Saturday that the Palestinian ambassador to Kuwait, Rami Tahboub, thanked the Kuwaiti political leadership for this exception, which was granted to Palestinian expatriates. Tahboub considered that this exemption is […]

Saudi Arabia issues a high-risk security warning

Today, Sunday, the Saudi National Indicative Center for Cyber ​​Security issued a high-risk warning because of a popular Internet browser. The center published a new tweet to it on its official account on “Twitter”, this afternoon, Sunday, in which it issued a security warning about a security update in the “Google Chrome” browser, explaining that […]

First Abu Dhabi’s profits grow 26% to 9.2 billion dirhams

Abu Dhabi (Al-Ittihad) During the first nine months of this year, the First Abu Dhabi Bank Group achieved a net profit of 9.2 billion dirhams, an increase of 26% compared to the same period in 2020, while net profits during the third quarter amounted to 3.9 billion dirhams, an increase of 54% compared to the […]

Detection of a planet in space 400 light years away

Astronomers have discovered one of the youngest planets ever, which will help understand how and how planets form. And the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the planet, known as 2M0437b, is only millions of years old, and is believed to be “a little bigger than Jupiter.” According to an international team of scientists, led […]

Sony makes a strong comeback in the smartphone market with an amazing device

The giant Sony Corporation decided to return strongly to the smartphone market and revealed a device that provided it with the best technologies. The new Sony Xperia Pro-I phone comes with a very distinctive design made of metal and anti-shock and scratch-resistant glass, its dimensions are (166/72/8.9) mm, and its weight is 221 g, and […]