Sonia Bennis exhibits her recent works in Marrakech

The painter Sonia Bennis chose Marrakech, her hometown, to organize her very first exhibition under the theme “Uniqueness”. Visible until February 20 on the walls of a palace in the ocher city, this exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see and appreciate a myriad of works of art, including canvases and tables presented as art […]

Jungfrau Zeitung – The money was rather put on the high edge …

Meiringen | January 24, 2021 Despite the corona crisis, the Raiffeisenbank Region Haslital-Brienz was able to increase its most important balance sheet figures and is thus above the expectations of the bank management. The local bank increased its balance sheet total by almost 34 million francs. Because of the small margins, the result was only […]

Curfew went into effect for the first time –

THE HAGUE (ANP) – The curfew has started for the first time. This means that from now on no one is allowed to take to the streets, between 9 p.m. and 4:30 a.m., unless there is a valid reason for this. The arrangement applies until Wednesday, February 10, 4:30 AM. People are still allowed to […]

The story of the moon rock placed by Biden in the Oval Office

NASA has loaned a moon rock for display in the White House Oval Office, at the request of the new administration of President Joe Biden. The request is made “in symbolic recognition of the ambitions and achievements of previous generations, and in support of America’s current exploration approach between the Moon and Mars,” NASA reports. […]

“That is an incredible number”

Virologist Drosten, the RKI President and the Federal Minister of Health agree: The number of corona infections must continue to decrease. What is the goal for Germany? Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn and the President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Lothar Wieler currently see no alternative to the corona lockdown. The number of […]

Trump impeachment to begin week of Feb. 8, says Senate leader

The impeachment of former US President Donald Trump will begin in the Senate the second week of February, several days after the House of Representatives sends the indictment against him, Democratic Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer said on Friday. This timeline reflects an agreement reached with the Senate Republican minority, which will allow the former […]

DNA – the silent biological witness reveals every perpetrator

Essen. Age. Height. What the smallest particles reveal about unknown perpetrators. An expert from the NRW State Criminal Police Office explains You Nýmifjn MFCU FJO Gbnjmjfowbufs nju fjofs lýotumjdifo Tdiåefmefdlf – boe BMM efo tdimjnnfo Tdinfs {fo boe Gpmhfo- ejf FJO csvubmfs Byuijfc you Lpqg wfsvstbdiu EFO / EFS 51.Kåisjhf JTU 3128 Pqgfs fjoft tdixfsfo […]

José Ángel García’s widow publishes photos watching the actor

“Hello Bella, I see the type of photographs so intimate and full of morbid that you are publishing, you should contemplate having respect for his children and his family, I do not know if my uncle has asked you to do this type of publication, I hope you will reflect on respect “they replied. And […]