“We are a cinema and not a Disneyland”

Do cinemas have a future? Definitely yes, says manager Felicitas Zehnder. Because even if streaming services are increasing strongly – they are a supplement to the cinema, not a replacement, as she explains in the interview. January 15, 2021 12:48 p.m. Manuela Bruhin Felicitas Zehnder: “Streaming is an addition, not a substitute.” zVg In 1999 […]

La Roda Library offers loans by appointment

The Juan José García Carbonell Municipal Library in La Roda maintains its book loan service by appointment. The Municipal Library continues to develop this service, respecting at all times, the restriction measures of Phase 3 in which the population is located, and, for which the Library facilities remain closed. In this regard, the entity seeks […]

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This Wednesday, January 13, the new Governing Board of the La Paz de Gilet Urbanization met with representatives of the consistory to make themselves known and convey to the city council the intentions to recover the relationship between the two, lost almost eight years ago. From the City Council, for their part, after an exchange […]

Burgos at the British crossroads

David Barriocanal, engineer: “Neither foreigners nor English know what will happen after leaving the EU” He arrived in Great Britain, more specifically London, at the end of November 2014 and has been living in the country since August 2015. This 28-year-old industrial engineer from Burgos lives with expectation the current situation in the country, immersed […]

Georgina’s latest photos ignite the web

Currently on vacation in Dubai, Georgina Rodriguez does not hesitate to share some pictures of her moments of relaxation. Cristiano Ronaldo’s sweetheart posted a photo of herself on the jet ski. A publication that panicked the web by collecting more than 2 million “likes”. Par le360sport .

how to use equalizer and improve music quality

Spotify has become one of the most popular and well-known digital music, video and podcast streaming services in recent years. An equalizer gives us the ability to adjust treble and bass when listening to our favorite music, either manually, frequency by frequency, or by choosing some of the already predefined profiles, as with Spotify. But […]

Tottenham faces Fulham instead of Aston Villa on the 14th

Round 18 match postponed due to corona spreadThe match that was delayed on the 31st of last month replaced Less burdensome partner… Attention to the lead chase Tottenham Son Heung-min (left) is dribbling in the 2020-2021 Carabao Cup semi-final against Brentford in London, England on the 6th. London = AFP Yonhap News The sports game […]

Too much of THIS fruit creates wrinkles – fashion and beauty

If the dosage is correct, however, the tropical fruit can prevent skin aging and reduce the first signs. No smoking, avoiding the sun – there are several ways to prevent the skin from aging prematurely. Proper nutrition can also contribute to this. According to the latest findings, this also includes mangoes of the Ataulfo ​​variety […]