Remarkable statement from the USA on the normalization of Saudi Arabia-Israel

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby answered journalists’ questions at an online press conference. Regarding the news of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which outlines a possible agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia on normalization with Israel, Kirby said, “I think this news has left some people with the […]

He stressed that normalization with Ankara will only be a result of the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Syria… Al-Miqdad: The meeting with President Al-Assad and Ibn Salman was very warm, and our relations have returned to normal

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Faisal Al-Miqdad, affirmed that Syria was not surprised by the welcome that was made by the Arab countries for its return to the Arab League, indicating that the emotions that the Syrian delegation found during the Arab Summit in Jeddah are permanent and continuous emotions towards the Syrian […]

The West on its hostile stances: We do not support normalization with Damascus or reconstruction in Syria! … a positive atmosphere reflected in the results of the “Jeddah Summit” and great optimism in the endeavors of joint Arab action

A state of positive and optimistic atmosphere reflected in the results of the “Jeddah Summit”, especially with the unifying Arab image that emerged from there, and the expected political repercussions of President Bashar al-Assad’s attendance at this summit and his meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the expected results of restoring Syrian-Saudi […]

America, the European Commission and Qatar renewed their rejection of normalization with Damascus… China, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela welcomed Syria’s restoration of its seat in the Arab League

While international positions continued welcoming the decision of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers to resume Syria’s participation in the meetings of the Council of the Arab League and all its affiliated organizations and agencies, as many countries, including China, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, expressed their support for this step, the United States, the European […]

The normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Iran depends on Iran

It is regrettable to have such a relationship with the neighboring country, Iran. Of course, this happened not by the desire of the Azerbaijani side, but as a result of the steps taken by the mullah-Persian regime against the independence and statehood of Azerbaijan. Day.Az reports that Rufiz Hafizoglu, deputy director of Trend BIA, political […]

Moscow’s “quartet” meeting of defense ministers: continuing dialogue for the sake of stability in Syria and the region… Damascus: We discussed the withdrawal of Turkish forces and the implementation of the agreement on the “M4″… An informed source for “Al-Watan”: Normalization with Turkey means its withdrawal from Syrian territory

In a new attempt to invest any Syrian-Turkish meeting in the Turkish presidential elections scheduled for mid-May, the Turkish Ministry of Defense issued a statement following the meeting of the defense ministers of Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey, in which it indicated that the meeting discussed concrete steps related to the normalization of relations between […]

Riyadh: Any new approach will inevitably require dialogue with the Syrian government.. Damascus: We hope that these efforts will continue to include relations between our Arab countries and our friends… The Iran-Saudi Arabia agreement brings the region into a new political era and the normalization of relations between Damascus and Riyadh comes to the fore.

On the impact of the repercussions of the agreement reached by Iran with Saudi Arabia regarding the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries under Chinese auspices, the compass of regional and international statements and reactions moved, especially since the agreement will necessarily end a painful era of conflicts that cost the region a […]

Albania, Serbia-Kosovo agreement, a milestone for peace – Europe

Albania, Serbia-Kosovo agreement, a milestone for peace © ANSA/EPA BRUXELLES- “Peace and cooperation are essential for the future we owe to our children in this region devastated for centuries by the lack of peace and cooperation. I welcome the consensus of the two sides for the agreement on the path to normalization between Kosovo and […]

Ciliwung Normalization, Land Acquisition of 4.3 Kilometers Targeted to Complete in 2023

KOMPAS/HENDRA A SETYAWAN Aerial photo of the banks of the Ciliwung River three weeks after the eviction in the Bukit Duri area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (19/10/2016). The activity of installing concrete sheet piles for normalization has begun along the western bank of the Ciliwung River. JAKARTA, KOMPAS — The normalization of the Ciliwung River continues. […]