Two other health workers died in Barranquilla due to possible COVID-19

Two other health workers in Barranquilla, the doctor Andrés Acevedo and the nursing assistant Delcy Talaigua, died – apparently – by COVID-19. The general doctor Andrés Roberto Acevedo, 58 years old, a Costa Rican national and who had been living and working in the city for 17 years, lost his life this Thursday after being […]

3 Serious Impacts That Lurk You Often Eat High-Fat Foods, JAKARTA- Eating patterns will affect one’s health level. High-fat foods such as french fries, burgers, and even steak are delicious on the tongue. But did you know that eating high-fat foods is often harmful to health? Generally, high-fat foods can affect the health of your heart and blood vessels, making you more at risk […]

Exercising (even just walking) reduces the risk of sleep apnea

Canadian and Australian researchers have conducted a study, the largest to date, in which they state that increased physical activity is associated with a lower risk of obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep-related respiratory disorder. The researchers reviewed the medical, lifestyle, sociodemographic, and sleep health data collected from more than 155,000 adults who participated in […]

Stimulation of physical exercise for excess weight

MOVING is a new database that is used by government in the areas of physical activity, from all over the world, are centrally collected. It is a digital library for policy-makers in the government with accurate information about the measures taken with the aim of exercise is to encourage. This is information that was not […]

Spices against inflammation – naturopathy & naturopathy specialist portal

How can we protect ourselves from inflammation in the body? By adding spices to your meals, you reduce inflammation markers in the body. According to a recent study, this not only makes the dishes more tasty, but also improves the health benefits of your food. A randomized, controlled trial from Pennsylvania State University found that […]

Israel Kamakawiwoʻole: A dead ukulele player conquers the charts

Hawaii in october. Marlene quickly steers her white SUV through the midday sun, suddenly she turns up the radio. “Listen? My husband sings there. I told you: Israel is everywhere. ”We drive from Honolulu towards Waianae and her late husband is singing a song about Waianae on the radio. “As if he were talking to […]

This is the correct time you should exercise to lose weight

Since Saturday May 2 the Spanish we can go out to play sports individually. The same day that Madrid commemorated the uprising of 1808 –which would later lead to the independence of our country from the French–, the Spanish were a little freer and were able to breathe fresh air and exercise. The World Health […]

They develop a therapy to avoid obesity and gain muscle without exercising

You imagine avoid the obesity and build muscle without having to do exercise? Well, scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis (United States) claim to have found a new gene therapy that can do it. They have tested it on mice and it works! The folistatina, a protein expressed in […]

Who is at risk from Covid-19?

What is my risk and that of my loved ones facing Covid-19? This, in essence, is the question facing all of us at a time when the government is publishing the two-tone map of epidemic France and calling for individual responsibility. “There will be no compulsory confinement for vulnerable people from May 11”, Prime Minister […]