lighter and more powerful

Rewrite this content Chez BMWletters CS (pour Club Sport) date back to the end of the 1960s. They generally mean a lightening of the car, a slight increase in power and an improvement in handling by increasing the rigidity of the chassis, as well as a modification of the brakes and suspensions . The famous […]

Beth’s Christmas; Mysteries at the hospital

Rewrite this content Beth’s Christmas; Mysteries at the hospitalBeth’s Christmas, Louisa George The last thing Beth would have wanted for Christmas was to find herself face to face with Alex Norton, her ex-fiancé, who once abandoned her. Alas, he arrives at his veterinary clinic with a puppy! Despite her resentment, Beth agrees to care for […]

Tempered glass film compatible Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G

The protective film for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G in tempered glass ensures the protection of your smartphone against bumps, scratches and cracks that it absorbs in its place. Discreet, it has holes whose location corresponds to that of the audio and video outputs which must not be hidden: these marks will allow you to […]

Special treatment – Emmaus Label

The largest solidarity online bookstore In the Label Emmaüs bookstore, you have more than a million books available, carefully selected and sorted by employees in the process of professional integration. 100% of the books are used! With each book you buy, you contribute to re-employment and professional integration. You also promote access to culture for […]

psychiatry today. From diagnosis to treatment

psychiatry today. From diagnosis to treatmentThe latest state of knowledge on the major pathologies and mental illnesses of adults, adolescents and children, on diagnostic methods and treatments. By the best French specialists, a great reference work taking stock of psychiatry today. read more Condition Comments: Psychiatry Today: From Diagnosis to Treatment (2003) – Pr. Manuel […]

Second-hand car prices now higher than ever

ANP NOS News•Thursday, 11:36 The price of second-hand cars rose to a new record last month, sales platform Autoscout24 reports. In October, an average of 24,428 euros was asked for a used car, an increase of more than 16 percent compared to the same month last year. The smaller cars in particular are popular on […]

A 2022 Honda Civic for sale with 400,000 kilometers on the clock

If you doubted the reliability of the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine of the Honda Civic 2022, note that an owner from the United States has just proven that it is possible to make it travel miles without affecting its mechanics. Yes, you read that right: a used 2022 Honda Civic is currently for sale in the […]

How to read your blood test?

How to read your blood test? Energy vector of the heat released by our body, blood has always been considered the vehicle of life. With the enrichment of techniques and medical knowledge, the number and complexity of biological parameters have increased.What is the distress of the patient confronted with a succession of sibylline denominations adjoining […]

Blood Type Volume 1: Blood Companion

Blood Type Volume 1: Blood CompanionIn a world stricken with poverty and despair, the only way to escape misery is to serve the vampire elite, as thirsty for power as they are for blood. By agreeing to become Beckham’s blood companion, Reyna hardly measures what she is getting into. Cold, authoritarian and seductive, he corresponds […]