EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023: would generate business for more than US$ 320 million

The global consumption of fresh foods, without preservatives and that contribute to health, is one of the factors for which a favorable evolution of Peruvian agro-exports is projected and the arrival of international buyers at the 15th Expoalimentaria (EA23), the fair of the most important food and beverages in Latin America, which this year, it […]

Printed edition | Informal Federalism, by Iván Arenas

Although the country is not formally constituted as a federal republic, in practice it is. Furthermore, it is an informal federalism. It is not practiced only at the regional level but, and what is worse, in all government spaces. We are an “informal federal” republic, if possible, and what is happening in Puno is a […]

Anti-drug police managed to seize more than 2 tons of cocaine camouflaged in tiles

Specialized agents from the Callao Port Anti-Drug Department of the Anti-Drug Directorate (Dirandro) of the Peruvian National Police, the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) and the Public Ministry, dealt a severe blow to Illicit Drug Traffic (TID). internationally when they managed to seize 2,310 kilos, 760 grams of cocaine alkaloids packed in […]

A de facto Minister of the Interior, by Carlos Paredes

The “huaico” of confessions and evidence provided by alias “El Español”, welcomed by effective collaboration, ended up dragging down the General Commander of the National Police Raúl Alfaro. However, the power acquired by this singular character —whose real name is Jorge Ernesto Hernández Fernández and more than a spy seems like an overweight reggaeton player— […]

Empowered to the teeth | Print edition

A terrible formula for a Congress that is close to total percentage rejection while at the same time encompassing ever broader powers. The pronouncement of the Plenary Chamber of the Supreme Court on the ruling of the Constitutional Court published on March 9 in the “Case of judicial control over the decisions of the organs […]

Theatre: “Egon: the self-portraits of Egon Schiele” at Ulima

The Cultural Center of the University of Lima (CCUL) will present, from April 26 to 29, at 8:30 p.m., the work Egon: the self-portraits of Egon Schielea montage inspired by the expressionist style of the artist born in 1890 in Austria, who was a disciple of Gustav Klimt, representative of symbolism. The proposal delves into […]

MTC presented road safety work plan in schools

In order to promote the multisector strategy for road safety education promoted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), the members of the Regional Road Safety Councils were summoned to report on the mechanisms that guarantee the proper functioning of traffic circulation. , through the use of rules of conduct for pedestrians and drivers. […]

Minister Julio Demartini was received with eggs and tomatoes in Cusco

The Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Julio Demartini, was greeted with eggs and tomatoes when he was preparing to inspect the facilities of the Cuna Más social program in the Cusco community of San José Urco in the province of Calca. Images released by the local media ADN Peru show how a group of […]