Brie Larson goes from starring in tapes to youtuber

“Thanks for watching my first YouTube video. It was great to learn from everyone who joined. Be sure to follow us. Leave a comment to let me know which creators you should also be working with, please. I am very excited about this trip, make sure tell me what you want to see. I like […]

Oscar Academy is becoming more diverse Euronews

The Oscar Academy wants to reposition itself and focus more on diversity. That is why the organization has now invited numerous women and minorities as new members. This was announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills. According to this, 45 percent of the potential new entrants went to women, […]

US Film Academy is looking for new faces

The American Film Academy takes a step toward renewal. An invitation to join her ranks was received by more than 800 cinema workers from around the world. In recent years, the famous film academy has experienced a deep crisis and has often been criticized for its lack of ethnic diversity in the selection of films […]

Amazon and AMC: saving the cinema – through its worst enemy

“Here are the twelve euros for the ticket.” – “No, no, tickets are now only nine.” “But that’s a nice surprise. Since when? – “Since our cinemas have a new owner. We can also offer you the three films per week ticket, three films of your choice for only 20 euros! ” “It’s cheap. Then […]

Netflix series “Hollywood”: The big self-deception

Fake news! For the tearful finale, the Oscar ceremony in 1948 is simply rewritten: In the seventh part of the new Netflix mini-series “Hollywood” by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, five of the gold boys go to a brave but unfortunately only fictional film called “Meg”. He was originally supposed to tell the iconic sad […]

Mexican singer Óscar Chávez dies of coronavirus

Nacho serrano Updated:05/02/2020 10: 13h save Mexican singer, songwriter, and actor Óscar Chávez He passed away this Thursday at the age of 85 in a hospital in Mexico City, one day after being admitted with symptoms of COVID-19. The Secretary of Culture of Mexico, Alejandra Frausto, reported the death of Chávez through a message on […]

Interview with Oscar winner Tim Robbins

Whe Tim Robbins has also switched to many other Hollywood stars long ago and works for streaming providers. In times of corona lockdown, in which cinemas around the world have been closed for weeks, this gives him a presence, at least in digital form. On the Starzplay platform, he can currently be seen in the […]

Film Festival: Why didn’t Cannes surrender to Corona?

BAyreuth is canceled, Rock am Ring, Aix-en-Provence. Only a small Gallic village has been able to withstand the Corona siege for six weeks now. The Cannes Festival steadfastly refuses to surrender to the uncanny attacker, to submit to the inevitable. Inevitable. Oh really? .

Susan Neiman: What a provocation!

AWhen I read Susan Neiman’s new book, I had to think of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the great movie in which Mildred Hayes – played by Frances McDormand – rents public notice boards to accuse the Sheriff of his failure. Less ruthless than Mildred Hayes, but just as strong and determined, Susan Neiman holds […]