Amalia Granata played a role in Mamushka

Amalia Granata She made a fool of herself while she was in Mamushka and social networks did not forgive her. And even less now that she occupies a position as a deputy in Santa Fe. The terrible mistake she made in the Mariana Fabbiani cycle ended up going viral and the former famous Big Brother […]

Demonstrated the key role of a protein in cardiac hypertrophy

ABC Health Madrid Updated:05/14/2020 13: 12h save Related news Researchers from the CIBER of Cardiovascular Diseases (CIBERCV) have analyzed the contribution of a protein (the NOR-1 nuclear receptor) to advancehypertensive cardiac hypertrophy, thanks to the creation of a transgenic mouse model. In this way, they open a new way to discover new therapies to cope […]

Non-woven fabrics for mouth-nose coverings on offer

The various measures to curb the spread of the SARS CoV-2 corona virus have increased the need for mouth-to-nose coverage. A mask requirement has been in force throughout Germany since April 27, 2020. With cuturon® 307.034 and 307.047 and varitess® 494.115 and 214.048, Lahnpaper offers various nonwovens for the manufacture of mouth-nose covers. All of […]

Normality or a touch to Almeida?

05/02/2020 05:00 Advanced in Monday, April 27. On the first floor of Genoa 13, that of the Madrid PP, the 21 district presidents of the capital meet by videoconference. The official note of the party says that the meeting was chaired by the PP leader, Pablo Casado, But it is a half truth: Casado has […]

Najwa Nimri: “The countdown to the new world begins” | Culture

He stopped before they forced him to stop. And he also knew what would happen because his brother lives near Wuhan (China). Najwa Nimri (Pamplona, ​​1972) has been without wifi for days, without television. “We are with music and working our heads.” The actress and singer-songwriter had already left Madrid when the alarm was announced. […]