The specialist named the 5 most common mistakes in the use of medicines | Life

Today, some of the simple ailments or symptoms can be alleviated by yourself – a variety of medications can help avoid queues at the doctor’s office. However, self-diagnosing the causes of ailments and taking medication without consulting specialists can lead to health risks and increase the risk of complications. What mistakes can have the most […]

Various Drugs That Can Lower Fever Apart from Paracetamol

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta –Fever is a condition where the body temperature is higher than usual or even the normal temperature of our body. Normal body temperature usually reaches 36 to 37 degrees Celsius. If your body temperature is more than 37 degrees Celsius, then you can say you have a fever. Fever can be experienced by […]

5 Natural Paracetamol Alternatives, Powerful to Make Your Little One’s Fever Subside

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Certain ingredients in medicine paracetamol The syrup is thought to be a thorn acute kidney failure. However, paracetamol syrup often a powerful option to reduce fever child. If so, is there another way to reduce a child’s fever? You don’t need to worry, there are several natural alternatives to paracetamol that […]

Child Dies Suspected of Natural Paracetamol Poisoning Kidney Failure

Jakarta – Dozens of children in Gambia, West Africa, reportedly died in the near future. The autopsy results showed that the cause of death was strongly related to paracetamol. “Dozens of children (under the age of five) have died in the past three months,” said Gambia’s director of health services, Mustapha Bittaye. The West African […]

Research: Paracetamol Can Reduce Vaccine Effectiveness – Taking paracetamol, ibuprofen, or aspirin right after an injection can reduce the body’s immune response to vaccinations, including those for Covid-19. Quoted from, a University of Sydney study found that taking pain medication immediately before or after vaccination could reduce its effectiveness. Lead author, Christina Abdel-Shaheed described the clinical review of […]

Is there really a shortage of medicines against COVID-19 in drugstores and pharmacies?

This morning, in dialogue with RPP News, the director of the National Association of Pharmacy Chains (ANACAB), Carla Sifuentes, was questioned about the alleged lack of medicines in public and private pharmacies, according to complaints from the population. In this regard, Sifuentes pointed out that, unlike the first and second waves, pharmacies are prepared for […]

Is this the cause of Jakarta Bay Polluted with Paracetamol?

Jakarta – A study on seawater quality from the University of Brighton UK to the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) found that paracetamol contamination in Jakarta Bay was very high. They are the Angke estuary with 610 nanograms per liter and the Ciliwung Ancol river estuary with 420 nanograms per liter. As is known, […]