Racism shocks Neymar and Co. in Paris

TThe mixture of anger and desperation was clearly written all over the face of hiago Silva. “It’s a shame. It’s hard to endure such impressions,” the visibly battered captain of the Brazilian national soccer team commented on the shocking level of racism that the record world champion had to endure in Paris: “It happens again […]

Arsenal takes advantage of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid for Lovro Majer

Arsenal has strongly joined the bid for Lovro Majer. The Croatian international is considered the natural replacement for Luka Modric and half of Europe is behind his signing. Los Gunners Knowing the importance that the player is gaining in the old continent, they want to take the initiative and would be willing to put 49M€ […]

A strange accident in pictures .. a plane crosses the runway and faces a “lake”

Rescuers recovered three people from the Boeing 737, fortunately unharmed, in the accident that occurred at dawn on Saturday, according to the newspaper, “Daily Mail”. As a result of the accident, some companies, such as EasyJet, canceled all Saturday flights from Gatwick Airport in London to cities in southern France. The West Atlantic plane was […]

Paris: Parts of the world’s largest fresh produce market are on fire

Huge clouds of smoke over Paris: there is a fire in the world’s largest fruit and vegetable market. The fire broke out on Sunday morning in a warehouse with an area of ​​7,000 square meters on the “Marché de Rungis” south of the French capital – the cause is still unclear. There were no reports […]

Paris shows treasures from the Kunstkammer Dresden – dpa

AUnusual bowls made of ivory and mother-of-pearl in the shape of a sea unicorn or a snail, copperplate engravings and precious ornaments: until January 15th, the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris is presenting more than 100 works from the world-famous Dresden museum under the title “Miroir du monde” (mirror of the world). Kunstkammer of the […]

Home, car, health… Will insurance premiums increase?

On September 15, Capital echoed the projections of the consulting firm Facts & Figures, announcing that “contributions [d’assurance] should jump by 3 to 5% for auto and health policies and up to 8% for certain home policies”. more expensive to compensate, on the car premium side. Insurers want to be reassuring Torn between rising claims […]

Autumn wears art

With the end of the holidays and summer giving its last breath, festivals are now giving way to exhibitions. The museums already have everything ready to kick off a new season full of painting, photography, sculpture and illustrations in which Pablo Picasso will undoubtedly be the main protagonist: he monopolizes three exhibitions this fall. But […]