Cencosud adds Paris to the alliance with Cornershop

Measure does not contemplate developing dark stores in stores. The company’s general manager announced that the first Paris Express stores will operate next month. Within the framework of the alliance between Cornershop and Cencosud signed in August of this year, Tiendas Paris took a step and began operations on the application platform on Thursday. This […]

Hate online. The Paris prosecutor’s office will create a specialized center

Cyberbullying, advocacy of terrorism, death threats… Business has multiplied in recent years on social networks. To better fight against online hatred, a specialized center will be created within the Paris prosecutor’s office in order in particular to deal in real time with all forms of threats and apologies for terrorism on the internet, explains the […]

The new museum in Paris, created by Salma Hayek’s father-in-law

On January 23, 2021 it will open its doors Bourse of Commerce, the new museum of contemporary art in Paris, housed within a historic building. Will exhibit the businessman’s private collection Francois Pinault and her son François-Henri, husband of Salma Hayek. This is what you should know about the site, in 11 facts. 1. The […]

Swastikas in Paris: the culprit interned in psychiatry

A man was found guilty on Wednesday by the Paris Criminal Court of having tagged around twenty swastikas on rue de Rivoli in Paris in October, but was declared irresponsible and hospitalized in psychiatry, we learned from concordant sources. A psychiatric examination concluded that the discretion of the defendant, a Georgian national born in 1989, […]

Kalash Criminal and Maes towards a clash?

The two rappers disagree. Kalash Criminel and Maes already had disagreements during the controversy over Sevran’s mixtape in which Kaaris was not invited. The hooded rapper offered to bring K2A on the tracklisting while Maes and Da Uzi were against. This first hitch has apparently left traces since this time again the two Sevranais have […]

Boosie Badazz shot!

Very close friend of rapper Mo3 murdered on the highway a few days ago, Boosie Badazz was also shot. Definitely, it is the law of the series at the moment in American rap. After the deaths of King Von and Mo3, it’s Bossie Badazz’s turn to be the victim of a shootout. The rapper was […]

Will Booba release “Ultra” the same day as Gims?

The Duke does not let go of the Master. While Gims announced that his album “Le Fléau” will finally be released on December 4 instead of the December 6 initially planned, Booba has already made fun of him. We even wonder if he would not be ready to redo the blow of “5G” by releasing […]

the hopes of Nicolas Sarkozy showered by the prosecution

Nicolas Sarkozy, ex president France It is a point that sounds like a stinging setback for the former President of the Republic. While Nicolas Sarkozy affirmed that the prosecutions of which he is the subject in the nebula of the Libyan financing of his 2007 campaign were based solely on the contradictory statements of Ziad […]

Hollande to Macron: “Isn’t it too hard at the moment?”

An exchange, stifled by masks, did not go unnoticed this Wednesday during the commemorations of November 11 in Paris. “Are you okay, isn’t it too hard right now?” François Hollande launched to President Emmanuel Macron who came to greet him under the Arc de Triomphe after Nicolas Sarkozy. An isolated exchange shared by France Info […]