Mafer Vargas will sue the person who leaked his OnlyFans photos and videos

“With the blood in the eye”, this is the model and ex-reality Mafer Vargas, 29 years old. All as a result of a video and photos that he made for a live paid was copied without their authorization and then leaked on social media. At the moment it is viralized by WhatsApp. “I cannot believe […]

[김재호의 생명이야기] Vegetable and animal protein

Vegetable protein and animal protein”/> Protein is an important nutrient that is used as a material for muscle, skin, hair, bone, as well as almost all body parts or tissues of the body, various enzymes and hemoglobin. It accounts for about 20% of our body’s components and is the second most common after water. If […]

New variant also in Krefeld

Krefeld The new coronavirus variant has now also been detected in Krefeld. It is said to be more contagious – but the city calms down at first. On New Year’s Day, Friday, January 1 (as of midnight), the city’s health department recorded 847 people infected with the coronavirus. On Thursday there were 865. According to […]

Corona in Krefeld: Free FFP2 masks: This is how day 1 went

December 15, 2020 at 9:25 pm Paid content: That’s how day 1 went : Free FFP2 masks: Large crowds in Krefeld too Waiting patiently in front of a pharmacy on Rheinstrasse. Photo: Andreas Bischof Krefeld People from corona risk groups can get free FFP2 masks. The rush in front of the pharmacies was very large […]

Another way to see empty Spain and crowded Spain | Blog Know You

Click to see a detailed map by areas: Greater Madrid Catalonia Andalusia Cantabrian and Basque coasts The peninsular northwest coast Northwest interior Northeast interior Balearic Islands Canary Islands A university professor with a good knowledge of Spain was shocked that his country, England, had more population density than Spain. “I have visited it many times […]

Is universal accessibility an acquired right in our cities? | Urban Beings Blog

If there is something that has made the difficult situation derived from covid-19 clear, it is, without a doubt, the importance of freedom of movement. The health emergency and the need to find solutions to the unstoppable expansion of Covid-19 have forced institutions to make drastic decisions in relation to something that had always been […]

Voice Recording Puzzles Before the Clash of FPI and the Police – The debate continues between the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and thePoliceabout the clash that killed six people. This time it’s about the voice recording at the time of the incident. FPI said that its members had sent voice recordings. It contained the screams of the shot members. Then, the six paramilitary cell phones […]

The vaccine will be applied first to the elderly in residences and their staff, other health workers and dependents | Economy

The Government has approved today in the Council of Ministers the Vaccination Plan against covid-19, which will be carried out throughout the first semester of 2021, with a single strategy throughout the country and that establishes the priorities among the groups population and professionals and places (about 13,000 outpatient clinics and health centers) where vaccines […]