Where to buy iPhone 15… Online plan? Budget phone? + Self-sufficiency

[이데일리 김현아 기자] At 08:00 (local time) on September 22nd, the release date of the iPhone 15, CEO Tim Cook is opening the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, together with Greg Joswick, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. (Photo = New York Correspondent Kim Sang-yoon) CEO Tim Cook is taking […]

P2P loans, Exporo, securities transfer

Hello dear forum members, I recently received the following email from Exporo: “Important information about your securities portfolio. Today we would like to inform you about changes in connection with your securities account at Baader Bank AG. Due to the general increase in costs, in the future we will only be able to offer free […]

TPU Silicone Protective Case for iPhone 15 Plus: 3D Model and Printing Parameters

? Creation quality: 0,0/5 (0 votes) Member Rating: Printability, Usefulness, Details, etc. Your rating: 0/5 delete Your score: 0/5 Designer 3D model description TPU silicone protective case for iPhone 15 PLUSVery resistant case designed with reinforcement in the corners and closed buttons for greater protection 2-piece design with reinforcement in the chamber block.It prints easily, […]

To those who use the phone in the toilet

A study conducted in England on mobile phones, which are at the center of all our lives, revealed that phones contain 18 times more bacteria than toilets. In addition, in public transport, at the dinner table, mobile phones that we keep out of our hands cause serious infections. Turkish Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist […]

No cell phone use during class… Confiscation allowed if non-compliance

On the morning of August 23, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Lee Ju-ho held a briefing on a comprehensive plan to restore educational authority and strengthen protection at the annex of the Seoul Government Complex in Jongno-gu, Seoul. /news1 From the 1st, the use of cell phones during class is prohibited, and cell […]

China proposes limiting the time children spend with a cell phone to 2 hours a day

BEIJING (AP) — China’s internet watchdog has introduced a series of rules to limit the time children spend on their smartphones, in the latest blow to companies including Tencent and ByteDance, which run social media platforms and online games. The Cyberspace Administration of China posted a draft of its guidelines on its website on Wednesday, […]

The phone can overheat even on a cloudy day

Direct sunlight is not necessary for the phone to overheat – it is enough to leave the device in a hot environment for a while. Arnoldas Lukošius, an expert at Tele2 Innovation Bureau, says that even the interior of a car can be dangerous for the device. An expert advises how to protect your phone […]

“Reporter of ‘Jung Joon-young’s golden phone’ received 50 million won of reward illegally”…Jeon Hyun-hee “Legal action”

[이데일리 홍수현 기자] At the time of the ‘Burning Sun’ incident, claims have been raised that a private forensic contractor who restored the contents of singer Jung Joon-young’s cell phone and reported it to the public interest was unfairly paid a reward from the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Anti-Corruption […]

Another teenager killed in his bath by his phone which was charging

Photo d’illustration: DR The young man was electrocuted in his bathtub in Marseille. This is unfortunately not a first. On Wednesday evening, a resident of Marseille found that her son’s bath lasted abnormally long. She knocked on the bathroom door but received no response. Upon entering, she found the 16-year-old unresponsive in the tub, his […]