NHL, NHLPA announce plans for 2020/21 season and playoffs

NEW YORK / TORONTO — The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) announced their agreement on Sunday that the 56-game 2020/21 regular season will begin on January 13, 2021 and end on May 8. As part of the agreement, 16 teams will play in the Stanley Cup playoffs, which […]

New Maps from Plans have now officially arrived in Canada

It is a formality, but it had to be made official: Apple announces that the new cartography of Plans is now available in Canada. She had been tested for a few weeks. Canadian users will be happy to start browsing now ” faster and more precise », A clearer presentation of roads, buildings, parks, airports, […]

Is it worth “opening” European economies for Christmas?

The five European countries that spend the most on Christmas are the United Kingdom (639 euros per capita), Spain (554 euros), Italy (549 euros), Germany (488 euros) and Portugal (387 euros). Picture 24 HOURS Is it worth saving the Christmas economy? Unless you’re a retailer, the answer is probably “no.” Governments across Europe imposed quarantines […]

Fix Price network may IPO in the first half of 2021

Fix Price in the first half of next year may conduct an initial public offering (IPO), Bloomberg reports, citing two sources familiar with the situation. A source close to one of the organizers of the possible deal confirmed this information, specifying that the company’s receipts will be offered to investors on the London Stock Exchange, […]

Lufthansa is considering giving up its largest passenger aircraft

German airline Lufthansa plans to abandon its largest passenger aircraft PHOTO: Pixabay German airline Lufthansa plans to abandon its largest passenger planes as it deepens its fleet downsizing, creating opportunities for further job cuts, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter, Bulgaria On Air reported. . Lufthansa is considering giving up the two-story Airbus […]

Cholera raises fears of disaster in Yemen

Rubbish piling up in the streets, drinking water supply system destroyed: after four years of civil war, Yemen now fears a massacre caused by cholera. The epidemic has already infected 1.3 million people and caused 2,700 deaths, a quarter of them children. Paradoxically, it is the drop in new cases that worries NGOs. Oxfam counted […]

Plans for a new Dresden-Prague railway line are out

New construction of the Dresden-Prague railway line The new line is an important part of the European rail network. It connects Central Europe with the ports on the Baltic and North Sea as well as the Mediterranean and Black Sea. The project received a big boost last year when the then Federal Minister of Transport […]