Our recommended podcasts for this weekend

From our EL COLOMBIANO podcast area we bring you an extensive program with the best analysis and journalistic interviews. find today a Special Boot with two passionate film critics about the 2023 Oscars, in Sunday talks, an interview with our director with the best analyzes on local and national political situations, and from the sports […]

Podcast – We Get Along

Close your eyes and imagine your apartment with a breathtaking view of the city. You are on the 17th floor of one of the 2 buildings the AARTa new real estate program in the ARCHIPEL district in Strasbourg Wacken. Omnipresent vegetation, an ideal location and apartments at the height of the site. “Today’s Promoters” are […]

Investment in podcasts is a “drag” for Spotify

Ana Nicolau London / 03.02.2023 02:55:00 Spotify has a problem with podcasts. In full swing, it seemed the company had found a big shiny object with which to dazzle Wall Street. In 2019, the founder Daniel He declared that audio—not just music—was the future of his company, with podcasts at the center of the strategy. […]

Pumpkin & Blood by Thinkpaeckchen

It’s been three weeks already! Does that feel as long to you as it does to us? If so, then look forward to this episode, because we have a new length record again! So get in your car, take the train or just sit by the window and look at colorful leaves 🙂 This time […]

Spotify awards $100,000 grant to 13 African podcasts

(Ecofin Agency) – On an African continent with a very strong relationship with orality, a format like the podcast is likely to be very popular. This potential attracts many people, but also companies who see it as a suitable way to promote their products and services on the continent. Spotify has awarded a $100,000 grant […]

Entertainment Industry (Podcast) by BVMS

Buzz, gossip, quarrels, clashes and sarcasm… elements put forward on the web but don’t throw stones at the industry, finally… he has it all figured out! Have a good listen 🎧 ————————————————————— If you liked the topic, don’t hesitate to let me know on my podcast insta account ⬇️ https:/ /instagram.com/bvms.podcast?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= If you want to […]

World record for longest continuous podcast broken during Dutch Media Week | Media

The record attempt to make a total of two hundred hours of continuous podcasts during the Dutch Media Week has been successful. The marathon was concluded on Sunday afternoon in Beeld & Geluid in Hilversum by, among others, comedian and writer Vincent Bijlo. Bijlo gave the starting shot for the record attempt on Saturday morning […]

The first barometer of the health podcast is born

According to this first barometer, the supply of health podcasts has been booming since the health crisis. Patients are the most likely to speak: 50% of health podcasts are hosted by patients. The most popular categories are mental health, wellness, personal development, women’s health. The interview is the most common format. Popular topics are women’s […]

Spotify launches Podsights, its advertising measurement service

With no minimum spend requirements, advertisers in these markets can now easily access real-time insights into their podcast investments and understand how podcast ads are impacting their business across all of their campaigns, on and off. Spotify. Podsights uses per-pixel attribution to measure digital KPIs such as website visits, leads, purchases, and app downloads. Finally, […]